Essential Equipment Maintenance for Your Business

Maintenance. It’s not a word that inspires feelings of fun or joy in business managers. Still, such upkeep is required if you want to keep many areas of your business running smoothly. Here are the systems and equipment that you need to keep a close eye if you want to ensure there are no annoying blockers to your work. 

Office Computers 

Not enough business owners make sure their computer systems are being properly monitored for functionality. Which seems… odd, right? Given how much we lean on IT in modern offices. You need to make sure you’re keeping an eye on them, because computers can generally do with a clean-up and an update every so often. This helps when it comes to keeping them running in the long-term. Encourage employees to report any problems with their computers - and not just really obvious problems that flat-out prevent work, which is what most people seem to focus on almost exclusively. If their computer has seen a decrease in speed, for example, then it should be investigated and fixed. That decrease is speed is often a sign of aging or mild corruption that should be sorted out. 

Fluid Tanks 

While fluid tanks may sound like something that leans almost exclusively to the manufacturing center, pretty much every business needs to consider fluid levels at some point. Monitoring fluid levels in a particular tank is necessary for coffee makers, air conditioners, water heating and filtration systems… basically, if you’re not monitoring fluid levels in several areas, you could be putting several pieces of equipment at risk! Something like a non contact water level switch can relieve you of the responsibility of doing this completely manually; it warns users when the fluid in a given container is either running out or getting too much. 

Alarm Systems 

The alarm systems in your office are essential when it comes to employee safety, as well as the safety of the rest of your equipment. But the alarms in your office don’t go off all that often (well, they shouldn’t, anyway!), so it’s essential that you ensure they’re functioning as they should be by monitoring them and submitting them to frequent tests. The fire or smoke alarm should be fairly easy to test; generally, you just need to press a button on the system. (Holding a lighter up to it isn’t that great a test, plus you’ll look a bit odd.) You also need to test any security alarms you have on-site. This generally isn’t as simple, but you need to ensure it’s done! 

Data Equipment 

So how exactly does one “do maintenance” on data? Well, if “maintenance” is the act of keeping something in proper condition, and the proper condition of your data is safe, complete, and backed up, then this is certainly a valid area in which to look! Make sure you’re doing regular tests on the systems that hold your data; servers, web applications, offline software, etc. Keep them up-to-date. And while you’re at it, make sure the data is being backed up using a strict backup schedule. This way, if something does go wrong, you’ll still have your data!

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