Accidents At Work Could Cost Your Business A Fortune

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We are all eager to keep our companies as frugal and cost efficient as possible. However, many of us often ignore the biggest threat to the business capital, and that is an accident. If an accident happens on your company property you could be expected to pay out hundred of thousands in damages. Now, you might think this means that if employees are outside the office, you are perfectly safe. But don’t be so sure. There have been cases, and there is precedence for employees suing their business for an accident that happened while they were working off the property and even working at home. As such, it’s worth looking at some of the most dangerous accidents and how you can avoid them becoming a costly nightmare. 


Repetitive strain injury is a major problem in the world today. It is thought to affect millions of workers, many of whom are undiagnosed. If you don’t know what RSI is it is a pain in the upper limbs of even the legs caused by completing an activity such as typing without breaks and in the wrong position. For instance, you might develop RSI if you don’t have the right support from your chair. Or, it could develop due to the fact that you are typing for more than one hour at a time without breaks. It is advised that you break for five minutes every half hour and as you can imagine, very few employers encourage this type of behavior. They think that by doing this, they are losing the productivity of their workforce. Of course, nothing could be further from the truth and actually avoiding RSI will help boost productivity levels. Employers should know this and avoid a lawsuit, but it can be very difficult to convince them. 

Back Strains

Straining your back can lead to severe chronic pain for which there is no cure. Even surgery might not fix the problem leaving many with horrific life-crippling injuries simply because they lifted a heavy box the wrong way at work. Training is your best weapon here. You need to make sure that workers are trained how to lift heavy items correctly. Or, that they are given the option not to lift the item if they think it is too dangerous. Be aware that just by providing employees with the option you could avoid a terrible lawsuit. Although, in most cases, training will show them how to lift heavy items safely without the risk of a long-term injury. 

Trips And Falls

A fall could also cause a serious injury in the workplace. Many employers believe that employees are only at risk if they are at a high enough height, but that is not true. A fall from one or two feet could still result in a serious injury depending on the age and quality of health of the worker in question. 

That is why you should have mezzanine gates in loading bays. While the height may only be small, falling off the ledge could still be dangerous. It is also why if employees are using ladders you need to make sure they are as sturdy as possible. As you can then, there are dangers and some of these dangers exist in every workplace. If you avoid them, you could save your company a lot of money.

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I hope you enjoyed this article about how accidents in your workplace could cost your business significantly and tips to help reduce risk.

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