How to Evaluate a Mobile App Development Company

Choosing the right mobile app development company for your dream project is a tough job. The reason is pretty simple. Hundreds of companies are claiming they are the best in the business. It can be confusing to put it lightly and the wrong mobile app developer could cause serious damage to your business. But with a right strategy and a few smart tricks you can determine which one is for you. If you’re looking for some help, hopefully this article will assist you in this process. Let’s start: 

1. Analyze Portfolio 

This is the first thing you can do before or after contacting the developers. Check how elegant their portfolio is. This not just gives you an insight into their UI/UX design skills, rather you can also check what type of applications they are expert in. If their design skills are excellent, you can add them to your list of choices. And when possible, try to TEST their already completed mobile apps and see for yourself.

2. Check Client References 

Just viewing the mobile app developer's portfolio doesn’t give you strong proof of their abilities. Also ask for client references for whom they’ve done the projects before. The real reviews you will get help you better assess your potential mobile app development company. 

3. Experience Matters 

Experience always counts. So it would be wise to check if they develop apps similar to your requirement. Then it will be double bonus. For example, India’s leading oil and gas company Bharat Petroleum chose FuGenX Technologies, a mobile application development company India, to develop a mobile app for their company. 

They chose to have a fleet management app developed. It was a decision based on FuGenX’s prior experience in developing the same kind of app for Praxair. BPCL was able to get the same result that they expected before. 

4. Long-Term Customer Support 

Software product is not like retail product, which needs long-term support. It needs long-term maintenance and timely updates. When the platform has a new update, the app has to be updated according to the platform. If any security breaches, the developers have to take care of it. So before going into the agreement, make sure they are available for long-term support. 

Also keep in mind that not all mobile app developers will stay in business and you need to have a game plan if your developer goes out of business.

5. Battle Tested

As I told above, mobile app development is not short-term process. From building strategies to crafting code to launching the app to maintaining it for changing platform updates, mobile app needs regular check-up. You can handover your project to startup or any less experienced company. You will get the app at low cost. But it is not sure they will effectively tackle serious issues like hackings or app crashes. If they fail, your whole effort will be vain. But if you hand over it to experienced mobile app developers, they can tackle any kind of serious issues with a well experienced team, tools and technologies. 

6. Double Check Terms & Conditions 

If they offer a maintenance support, make sure there aren't any hidden charges in their monthly or annual maintenance fee. And also make sure about potential periodic increases in fees. If you need it to change for a particular reason, make sure the company will completely release all data and assets pertained to you adhering to the agreement. 

7. Cheaper Isn't Always Better

Cheap products may or may not reflect the quality you are getting in a professional app developer team. When you are offered app development at a low cost, comprehensively compare it with other mobile app development company offerings. Decide who can deliver the desired app without worrying about saving every penny at the expense of quality. 

8. Are They NDA Ready? 

You have a unique app idea and sometimes this can be a very valuable commodity worth protecting. You don’t want to open the gates for competitors or copycat developers. It would obviously be a disaster for your all of your efforts if your intellectual property were to be stolen. So make sure your project will come under NDA (Non-Disclosure Agreement). 

9. Platform Expertise 

Their expertise in Android doesn’t guarantee their expertise in iOS too. They may have delivered some successful apps for Android. It doesn’t mean they will also deliver the same results for iOS too. App development for iOS and Android have different approaches and utilize different technologies. iOS apps are developed using Swift technology, whereas Android apps are developed using Java technology. So there is obviously a need of strong expertise in both technologies. Make sure the developers have extensive experience with both. 


If you’re looking to develop an app, strategically use this checklist to select the best mobile application development company. It will help you get the intended app and desired app results. Best of luck on your mobile masterpiece!

I hope you enjoyed this article about tips to evaluate a mobile app developer for your small business or lean startup.

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