Quick Checklist Of Things To Consider When Moving To A New Office

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Moving to a new office can be a lot more difficult than most people assume. If you’ve already organized an office move, you’ll know how difficult, time-consuming, and stressful the process can be. There are certain steps you need to take in order to be successful in the process. The following checklist will give you a good idea what you’ll need to consider when moving to a new office. 

Have A Plan And Specify A Time Frame 

Having a time relocation plan and a schedule should be the first thing to consider. Carefully planning your office relocation gives you something to aim for and you’ll be sure things don’t drag forever. Of course, your timeframe will largely depend on how much stuff you have to move. However, no matter of the quantity of stuff, there are certain things you’ll need to consider such as meeting with a building manager, choosing a layout at the new site, picking out the moving day, acquiring permits, hiring an architect if needed. Besides that, you’ll have to make sure how much you are willing to spend on moving process. 

Creating a moving budget is also an important part of your move plan. To conclude, just remember to make a detailed plan of the moving process and keep track of your every move. 

Keep Your Employees Informed 

An office move can be tough not only for you but also for your employees. Keeping them informed about every step in the relocation process is very important because such a great change affect every aspect of our lives – from the way we communicate to successfully accomplishing our everyday tasks. You can easily put a moving plan on the kitchen bulletin board or some other common space so your coworkers can see how moving is progressing. 

Hire Professionals 

If your relocation budget can sustain hiring professional movers, packers, or junk removal service, you should definitely consider doing it. Hiring professionals is very important because you’ll be sure that your office goods are packed professionally for moving and that chances of any damage are drastically reduced. There are a lot of companies which offer moving, packaging or junk removal services, so determine the budget, get quotes, and compare them in order to decide which one to hire. 

Create A New Office Plan 

The more detailed plan you have, the better! Just imagine your new office and figure it out where everything and everyone goes. Make sure you know where each piece of furniture will be placed and where every coworker will sit. Besides that, check once again the power and cooling systems in your new office, and make sure that the building you are moving into offers sufficient air conditioning and ventilation. In order to avoid all possible failures, it’s crucial to confirm your office space has ample power outlets. 

During The Moving Day 

On a moving day, check again if the building is safe for people to enter, that any junk has been removed and that walkways are clear. You can put up signs with directions for each team to find their way around new office space. Check all facilities and make sure that restrooms and fridges are working. Besides that, you’ll need to be sure that there is food for everyone who is assisting with the move – you, your employees, and the professionals


To conclude, let me say that some things listed above simply will not apply to your business. There are a lot of things you’ll have to figure it out for yourself. Sometimes part of the plan goes out the window the second the process begins. Moving can be the very frustrating thing, but once you have a good initial plan you'll at least mostly know what to expect

I hope you enjoyed this article about a quick checklist to keep in mind when moving into a new office with your small business.

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