5 Creative Ways To Get A Business Recognized Online

You've heard the standard advice for how to market your business online, and perhaps it isn't working for you. What are some not-so- standard approaches you should try? Trying something a little different is how companies get noticed and remembered, so instead of following the traditional advice (though much of it is very good as well), look for ways for your company to stand out online and get noticed. 

Start with these five out-of- the-box ways to get your business recognized online. 

1. Craigslist 

You probably think of Craigslist more as a place for people to sell their used stuff locally or find some cheap hires like movers. However, Craigslist can be a very good place to promote your business. Craigslist ads are free in most places and fairly cheap in the largest cities, so you don't have much to lose by giving it a try. You can advertise both products and services on Craigslist, so it can be utilized to a good extent by a wide variety of businesses. 

2. Location Targeting 

Perhaps one of your problems is that you're casting too wide a net in your advertising and outreach to potential customers online. Geo-targeting is a modern form of marketing where ads only appear to people in the geographic area around your business. 

Location advertising can be even more specific, and you can break it down by demographic, interests and search terms, particularly on the ever popular Google AdWords or Facebook advertising. This better ensures that the people interested in your business are more likely to be made aware of it. 

3. Crunchbase 

Many companies, such as ASEA, are finding a lot of success finding investors on Crunchbase, a database that allows users to search for news, profiles, investments and other information about various business organizations. It's essentially a database for corporate research. Like LinkedIn, businesses have a profile page that displays important information, such as the size of the organization, the board members and owners, and a brief (hopefully catchy) description of what that company does. Especially if your business is in the B2B sector, Crunchbase could be a great way to increase your visibility. 

Regular potential customers might also find your business if they are doing investment research or looking up information on behalf of their employer, so you stand to gain visibility to them as well. 

4. Participate In Online Forums 

You've probably heard that content marketing is something your business should be doing, as well as guest posts on industry blogs. It's also very important to interact with customers and potential customers online when they comment or start a discussion on social media. 

But there's another angle to this many businesses to not utilize: when users on various sites such as Reddit have a question, your business can answer. This shows your business as being helpful while also getting your name out there. 

Quora is another excellent and often underestimated platform for helping others and demonstrating your industry expertise online. There are plenty of others on Google, Yahoo, and Inbound.org just to name a few. People will be much more likely to check you out if they see a business account gave a really interesting or creative answer to a problem or question. 

5. Join Help a Reporter Out (HARO) 

HARO is a database and subscription service that puts your business in touch with reporters and journalists looking for sources. With HARO, you can find list of journalists that are looking for sources for their stories. You could be contacted as an industry professional or simply as an interest story. Your exposure might also be in newspapers, television and radio in addition to online. 

There are several subscription models, including a free option as well as three plan options with varying costs. Being covered by online articles and publications can obviously gain your business a lot of recognition. 

Build Your Business Presence Online

Generally speaking, it's becoming harder and harder to get recognized online as more and more businesses move online and new startups appear every day. And unfortunately that is a lot these days in our increasingly digital globalized economy. Businesses have to be more creative than they ever were before in order to get noticed on the Internet, and aside from your own great ideas, these five ways are good places to start. Then it's time to read more Bootstrap Business articles to level up even further.

I hope you enjoyed this article about unorthodox methods to utilize for growing online brand recognition

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