5 Steps To Boost Your Company Server Security

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Numerous high-profile cyber-attacks have demonstrated that web security is still an essential issue to any business that carries out its operations online. Servers contain critical information about their companies, making them popular targets for cyber-attacks. At times, hackers may target employees and authorize them to complete specific transactions and end up swindling the company huge amounts of money. Other times, people with ill motives may overload the business’s website or network system, with the aim of shutting the network and preventing business operation. Keep reading to learn the five strategies you can use to maintain the safety of your firm’s server. 

1. Eliminate Unnecessary Services 

Automatic operating system configurations and connections are not secure. Installation of many network services (remote registry services, RAS, and print server registry) that are not needed in web server configuration occurs during a default installation. The presence of many services running on an operating system creates several open ports, and therefore, leaving many open doors for malevolent users to abuse. Switch off all unwanted service and disable them completely, to ensure they will not start when the server is rebooted. Elimination of unnecessary services frees up some hardware resources and improves the performance of your server. 

2. Always Utilize SSL 

Secure sockets layer (SSL) is a type of encryption that disseminates sensitive data from your web browser to a network server. When you place an order, submit private information, or enter payment details, ensure that “https” is in the address bar of the browser to confirm that the site is utilizing SSL. SSL is the recommended means of passing sensitive detail to a web server, and it is used to carry out security audits of online firms. Every site that requests for private data must integrate SSL on Web server. 

3. Assign Proper Clearances & Privileges 

Network and file clearances are instrumental in the maintenance of web server security at a top-notch level. A malicious user can use network service software to compromise the web server engine and proceed to utilize the account on which the web service is operating to perform tasks like the execution of specific tasks. It is imperative to assign limited privileges to the unknown user that is required to use the website, back-end data, web application, and databases. 

4. Use A Reliable Cloud Provider

While there are many cloud vendors in the market, not all of them are equal. Before choosing a cloud provider, carry out intensive research and ensure the provider has the perfect security and support to protect your data. The provider should offer exceptional technical support and IT services. 

5. Utilize Two-Factor Authentication 

Work with a cloud storage provider that offers two-factor authentication and encourage your employees to turn it on always. That way, even when the malicious user compromises your passwords, access to your sensitive information will still be denied. 

Cloud Storage And Conclusion

Cloud storage is the safest and convenient strategy for storage of corporate archives. Carry out thorough research, work with an IT company, and have a clear understanding of how cloud security works to eliminate the likelihood of being a victim of unintentional breach or cyber-security breach. Training your employees on the smart use of Internet and strengthening the IT service and support is a great way of optimizing your server security as well.


I hope you enjoyed this article on steps to boost your company's server security and safety. 

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Increase company server security data protection cybersecurity lean startup frugal entrepreneur bootstrapping

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