YouTube & Google+ To Finally Separate

The mandatory overlap of YouTube and Google+ ends soon

Praise Google! It looks like they have finally decided to start removing the Google+ account integration requirement to use YouTube and other Google products. In 2013 Google began upping the ante on its Google+ social network (in an attempt to catch up with Facebook and Twitter) and began requiring YouTube users to couple their account with their Google+ account. That meant all video comments would be associated with a required Google+ account. Google also made strong suggestions for users to do the same with Gmail, Blogger, Google Play, Google Business, and many other popular applications they owned. While this tactic did help boost Google+ user numbers, those social media users were not very active, and it became more of an annoyance than a useful tool. As we know, Google+ has failed spectacularly to close the gap with Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram (also Snapchat these days).

In recognizing this failure, Google has probably decided not to take a chance and continue burdening one its most valuable assets: YouTube. The video "social network" that has a billion users, and probably around a trillion views since its inception in 2006, is a cash cow for both Google and its many content producers. I'm sure the breakup will occur over several months, but expect to see changes relatively soon to your YouTube and overall Google accounts.

As a YouTube Partner for 4 years with over 300 videos published and 1,600,000+ total views, I was not too happy when it became a mandatory integration of Google Plus with my YouTube channels. While it may have helped a few people refrain from making more negative comments on videos, and perhaps engaged a few viewers, overall I think it ended up stifling more conversations than it started. While I'll certainly continue using Google+ in my social media marketing arsenal, it will be nice to know that it won't be a stringent requirement for my use or other viewers. 

Throwback Post: It looks like my old 2011 Post (and its Follow-Up debate) on Google+ being a huge disappointment and inferior social network was right! 

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