The Top Email Marketing Software Solutions

The Top Email Marketing Software Solutions

Email marketing is a great way to stay connected with your clients. in order to keep them updated about upcoming sales and special offers. But before starting a campaign, business owners should be familiar with the CAN-SPAM Act, which congress approved in 2003. The law basically states that email marketers are only allowed to distribute emails to customers who've chosen to receive them or have given them permission to do so.

Email marketers should also offer clients a simple way of opting out from the service whenever they perceive these emails as unnecessary or spam. Various email marketing software solutions are available, but a few can't be trusted. Since prospecting email marketers aren't too eager to expend either time or effort on testing out each system, here is a list of the top options to consider.

Constant Contact

One of the most highly commended email marketing systems, Constant Contact, enables you to effortlessly design your personal email marketing platform without utilizing HTML codes, so nearly everyone who is proficient with computers can generate a professional-looking campaign. More than 400 templates are provided to aid users in generating email content in a fast and accurate manner. The software is, however, a service. Hence, it will cost a monthly fee. However, thse charges are reasonable, starting with a package for a list of under 500 people.


Lyris is an email marketing software solution utilized by enterprises of many different sizes. However, it tends to appeal to email marketers with stable lists of hundreds of thousands of customers. The solution provides two different hosted programs. It utilizes Lyris databases to transmit and facilitate email marketing campaigns, as well as provide a web-based solution that offers a discrete marketing software for firms hosting their personal email marketing servers.

Another prominent email marketing software solution is iContact. This gives email marketers the power to fragment their master list into groups, so that they can transmit messages to various groups throughout their master list. Hundreds of templates are available to easily generate email content. An integrated spam checker feature guarantees that emails will get through spam filters and into the recipients' mailboxes. iContact touts an inbox delivery rate of more than 95 percent, meaning that most of your email messages get sent and read by clients.

Deemed as one of the most affordable email marketing software solutions, AWeber supports multiple reliable features, including full reporting and tracking, a simplified smart WYSIWYG editor, and impressive customer support. Different packages are available for different list sizes and business types. A slight downside to AWeber's services is that it does not support mobile interfaces - there is also no image hosting or surveys.

Choosing the best email marketing software solution is important for any business. The efficiency and effectiveness of your marketing campaign will be largely dependent upon how your email marketing software performs. The most important factors to consider when choosing an email marketing solution include design templates, social media integration, price, and customer support. Consider these wisely, and you'll be well on your way to making an informed decision regarding how to move forward with email marketing.

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