Connecting With Your Audience: Why Documentary Filmmaking Is The Future Of Advertising

documentary filmmaking future of advertising connect with audience

Whether it is about a three-Michelin star restaurant, an endangered animal species, or a mysterious historical event, we have all seen documentaries. For some, it is about gaining more knowledge. For others, it is purely a form of entertainment. For brands, however, it is become a way to persuasively market to audiences. 

As improbable as it may seem, documentaries are becoming a coveted advertising method across a range of sectors. And if you are like most — you are probably wondering why. 

The truth is, there are several critical reasons that companies are jumping on this trend. If you are intent on understanding the ways that advertising is evolving in our rapidly changing world, it is important to have a firm grasp of these underlying factors. 

Here is why documentary filmmaking is the future of advertising. 

Differentiating Yourself From The Pack 

Whether you spend time online, watching TV, or walking around a city, you are no stranger to advertising. Today, there are more brands out there than there ever have been — and it often feels like they are all incessantly vying for our attention. 

From social media ads to video ads, most people today have developed the skill of blocking out or ignoring these seemingly ubiquitous aspects of everyday life. For brands spending copious amounts of money trying to get your attention, this is bad news. 

Accordingly, companies have made it their mission to find innovative ways to intrigue, excite, or do anything else to get you to pay attention to their advertising efforts. However, one method is currently proving itself to be extremely effective at doing exactly that. 

If you are online even a mild amount, chances are you have seen a documentary ad recently. And, if you are like a lot of other consumers out there, it likely held your attention for longer than other more familiar forms of advertising. 

This ability to make people stop and engage because of being different is one of the chief reasons that companies are taking advantage of documentary filmmaking as an advertising tool. And, in a world that is inundated with advertising, it makes sense that businesses are starting to capitalize on a method that is more novel and interest-piquing to consumers. 

Positioning Your Brand And Message As Authentic 

Given the amount of advertising that you probably come into contact with every day — or every hour for that matter — it is likely that you feel many brands are being phony or ingenuine with their advertising. For brands, this means that they are accomplishing the exact opposite of what they are aiming to. 

When it comes to documentaries, however, it is difficult to see true stories as ingenuine or inauthentic. The ability documentary films have to convey authenticity is one of the main reasons that it is become an advertising favorite of companies across industries. 

For companies attempting to advertise effectively, documentaries offer a way to convey a positive image of one’s brand and message. In today’s world, that is become more important than ever. 

As you can imagine, people today feel more drawn to advertising that seems sincere than advertising that seems like it is trying to sell you something. And, with a seeming glut of advertising waiting for you around every corner, it is no wonder the authenticity of documentaries feels more engaging. 

While this seems true now, it will likely be even more relevant in the future as advertising becomes even more pervasive and ubiquitous. For this reason, it makes sense that documentary films may become one of the most popular forms of advertising in the coming times. 

Compelling Audiences With Narratives And Storytelling 

As humans, we are wired to perceive the world in a narrative framework. From how we view ourselves to how we understand our environments, stories play a huge role in how we comprehend and experience reality. 

This being the case, it will come as no surprise that narratives are innately attractive to consumers everywhere. When it comes to telling a story with advertising, the documentary medium is extremely conducive for this purpose. 

Imagine that you were told a list of facts. Chances are, you would be tuned out in a matter of seconds. Now, imagine that you are sucked into an unfolding story with a key mystery at the center of it. Much more intriguing, right? 

In this same fashion, documentaries allow brands to suck you into a narrative while selling you on a product, service, or idea. As you can imagine, brands are taking advantage of this quality and are increasingly using documentaries to engage audiences and effectively make their pitch. 

As we delve deeper into the future, storytelling may become the main way that people advertise. This being the case, it is more than likely that documentaries will become one of the most utilized tools in advertisers’ arsenals. 

Making An Impact With Emotions 

If you spend a significant amount of time online, the vast amount of advertising you come into contact with likely feels hollow. In other words, it doesn’t elicit much of an emotional response — save for annoyance or disdain. 

Documentaries, however, can be extremely emotionally engaging when the right subject matter is chosen. For brands, this means an opportunity to craft emotional states in audiences that make them more likely to see one’s brand favorably and, hopefully, more likely to make a purchase. 

As a result of the efficacy of emotionally-charged documentary advertising, it is likely that screenwriting and the writing of screenplays will become more important in the field in the coming years. This being the case, those with these types of writing skills will likely soon become more sought-after in the advertising space. 

In a world filled with all types of spectacles, shocking content, and endless mediums to disseminate these efforts, crafting truly emotionally engaging advertising is invaluable. As such, documentaries are quickly becoming an extremely valuable tool for companies looking to make an impact on consumers’ emotions. 

Documentaries Are Changing The Way Consumers Engage With Advertising 

No matter what industry you work in, you have likely noticed that the world has changed drastically over the last decade. In advertising, the case is no different. At the forefront of an evolving advertising landscape is documentary filmmaking

From allowing businesses to differentiate themselves to absorbing consumers in narratives, documentaries are quickly becoming one of the most coveted forms of advertising in the evolving landscape. In times to come, there is no doubt that documentaries will hold an important position in the advertising landscape across the world.

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