3 Steps To Protect Your Business Against Cyber Threats

steps protect business against cyber security threats

As the world has evolved technologically, so too have the threats that can affect your business. Whereas a simple security system may have been enough to keep your business safe in the past, today, cyber threats have become a force to be reckoned with for business owners in every industry. 

As such, cybersecurity careers have been growing at a rapid rate in reaction to the steep rise in instances of cybercrime. 

Though you may not have the time to become a cybersecurity professional yourself, there are ways that you can keep your business safe from cyber threats in various forms. Being aware of these important steps can have a positive and lasting effect on your business’s ability to stay safe and secure. 

Here are three steps to protect your business against cyber threats. 

Be Aware Of Common Forms Of Cybercrime 

As a business owner, it’s important that you’re aware of the types of cyber threats that may be looming around every corner, which can inform cybersecurity best practices. Though you can’t be expected to develop an encyclopedic knowledge of cybercrime, you are more than capable of developing an understanding of some common forms of cybercrime. 


One of the most common forms of cybercrime is a type of cyber-attack called phishing. In essence, phishing is a cyber-attack that aims to trick the victim with an email. Once an unsuspecting victim clicks a link on a nefarious email, malware is launched onto the victim’s computer and computer network. 

The malware used in phishing attacks typically has the ability to collect personal information and private information. In some cases, it can even do damage in other forms to the victim’s computer and computer network. 

By being aware of phishing attacks — and the drastically negative effects they can have on your business — you are more likely to avoid opening and engaging with emails that seem suspicious. 

In addition to being aware of the possibility of phishing emails coming into your own inbox, it is important to increase awareness among your employees to ensure that no one utilizing your business’s computer network falls victim to a phishing attack. 

Data Breaches 

Data breaches are a type of cyber-attack that gives hackers access to an organization’s or individual's private information. Though the motives behind data breaches may differ, hackers typically aim to gain access to financial information that they can then use to steal money. 

By being aware of data breaches — and the disheartening reality that there are individuals out there who are looking for organizations to attack — you can store your business’s private and sensitive information more securely. 

In addition, it’s important to make employees aware of the threat of data breaching and to implore them to take the same precautions themselves. 

Invest In Cybersecurity 

As cyber threats have continued to increase in terms of scope and frequency, cybersecurity has become a more important part of doing business. If you intend to keep your business safe from cyber threats, then you’ll have to invest in cybersecurity in one form or another. Depending on your business’s size and needs this process will look different. 

For pretty much all businesses — small or large — installing a firewall on your computer network’s internet browsers can make a huge impact. Firewalls can help you prevent unauthorized users from accessing your business’s information. There are a variety of firewalls available, and in some cases, free ones can be found. As such, firewalls are a must-have for all businesses and organizations. 

In addition to firewalls, it is important to invest in cybersecurity software for your organization’s computer network. There are a variety of cybersecurity software and services available that can help your business protect itself from cyberthreats. By exploring your options, you can easily find a cybersecurity software service that fits your business’s budget and needs. 

For businesses that are larger in scope and house a variety of private and sensitive information on their networks, it may make sense to hire a cybersecurity expert as a full-time employee. 

Having a full-time cybersecurity expert for your business can help ensure that various cyber threats won’t stand a chance against your business’s cybersecurity infrastructure. Though this form of investing in cybersecurity can be expensive, depending on your business’s needs, it may be a worthwhile investment. 

Get Employees On Board 

Getting employees involved in your cybersecurity efforts is a vital part of keeping your business safe. Even if you invest in all the right cybersecurity resources that you can get your hands on, it may be in vain if your employees are still engaging in unsafe behaviors. 

As such, it’s extremely important to ensure that your employees have a thorough understanding of cybersecurity basics and are aware of how to engage with your business’s network safely. 

A great way to ensure that all your employees are on the same page when it comes to cybersecurity is by having company-wide training sessions in which a professional instructs everyone on cybersecurity. By having training demonstrations of this nature, you could potentially save your company from being the victim of an expensive and problematic cyberattack. 

Another key area in which employees need to be educated is through the use of their mobile devices. Many people are unaware that by connecting to an organization’s network through a mobile device, one may be providing a way for cybercriminals to access an organization’s network. 

This being the case, it is important to have ground rules for how your employees are allowed to engage with your business’s network. The more that your employees are on the same page, the more secure your business’s network will be. 

Make Cybersecurity A Priority 

Cybersecurity is becoming an increasingly important aspect of running a business in almost every industry. In order to keep your business safe, you must familiarize yourself with cyber threats and the effects that they can have on your business. 

By being aware of the devastating effects that a cyberattack can have on your business, you’ll be more likely to take the necessary steps to help ensure that your business is safe. Though the problem of cybersecurity may seem daunting at times, by being purposeful and making sure that you follow a few key steps, you can safeguard your business from cyber threats and focus on other areas of your business that require your attention.

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