Digital Marketing Is Here To Stay - Here's Why

why digital marketing is here to stay

Do senior managers and other leaders in your company think that digital marketing is just some kind of a fad? It’s understandable why select leaders in certain industries and sectors might think like that since so many digital platforms have come and gone over the years. However, the reality remains: digital marketing in general is here to stay. 

It doesn’t matter if you’re an agency working on detailed digital marketing for lawyers, or an individual helping an NGO get their story out across Facebook and Instagram, digital marketing won’t disappear. It may shift its exact forms, but as a wider concept, it’s going to remain a prominent feature of the marketing landscape, and here’s why: 

Reason 1: It Is The Lifeblood Of Smaller Businesses 

Conventional marketing was less accessible to smaller businesses because it cost so much money, whereas digital marketing is a far cheaper alternative that helps to level the playing field to degrees never before seen. Take print ads as an example, a staple of marketing campaigns in years past, with big companies taking out full-page ads, and small companies having to make do with directory listings and tiny corner ads. In the digital sphere, it’s true bigger companies still can use their huge budgets to do more, but they also have to cover more ground. Smaller companies can target and focus their marketing efforts exactly where they need them to be and so can end up getting what they need and more, even on a smaller budget. 

Reason 2: It Is How People Find Goods And Services Now 

We are now a society of digital users, with every generation arming itself to the teeth with smartphones, tablets, laptops and more. When people want to find local products and services now, the Internet is the first place to which they turn. Therefore, a digital marketing presence and strategy is absolutely essential now, as it will be for all of the foreseeable future and likely beyond that, whatever precise form it takes. 

Reason 3: Social Media Is The New Town Square 

Social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, and so on, are sometimes referred to as the ‘town square’ meaning they are the key place people go to see content, exchange views, hear about what’s happening, and engage in services. So, without a presence on such platforms, businesses are simply losing out. 

It doesn’t matter if they see your business by chance through targeted ads, or whether they actively search you out, these are the platforms through which they find what they need. 

Reason 4: The Digital Marketing Landscape Shifts Quickly 

Marketing in general is evolving very fast nowadays, but where we seem to see the most rapid changes are in the digital sphere. Being a fast-changing environment means it is also a quick-adapting environment, and that means in turn that it’s one that will most likely be able to stand the test of time. It also means that there will be room for digital marketing agencies being in place that can help businesses of all types to leverage new digital resources. 

Reason 5: Going Digital Is About Sustainability 

Finally, in a world that is obsessed with making everything around us as green as sustainable as possible, creating a digital world of work is a big part of that. For example, digital marketing cuts down on the use of paper since its design, creation, drafting and testing can all be done digitally and without printing a thing. 

Consumers care a lot about how genuinely a brand cares about sustainability, therefore the brands that best embrace digital alternatives that use up fewer resources are the brands that will gain more public favour.

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