Tirlu.com Review: Is Tirlu Legit Or Scam?

is tirlu.com legit or scam review crypto exchanger

Tirlu Review

The hype around blockchain technologies and, especially, cryptocurrencies spawned a plethora of scam websites. There are literally dozens of platforms that don’t even try to provide legitimate services and only exist to steal your money as fast as possible. So it is quite natural and wise to scrutinize every single crypto platform you intend to use, especially if said platform offers some unique capability. So today we will find out, is Tirlu.com a legit exchanger or a scam in our Tirlu review. 

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What Does Tirlu Offer? 

On the surface, Tirlu may look like a rather ordinary crypto exchanger, even quite a limited one in terms of a cryptocurrency exchange rating. The platform supports only two digital assets: Bitcoin and Litecoin, allows you only to sell crypto and only for US Dollars. However, there is a unique aspect to this - on Tirlu users sell their crypto for PayPal USD, which is an extremely rare capability that only very few platforms offer due to PayPal’s steadfast opposition to crypto. 

Moreover, Tirlu has other important advantages for reviewing: 

• You can sell BTC and LTC about 5-10% higher than the market average 
• You don’t have to verify your identity at all 
• You don’t have to possess any special knowledge - the interface is extremely clear and easy to use. 

So Tirlu is a rather attractive platform in terms of reviews and ratings, but is it safe to use and free of scams? Or is Tirlu too legit to quit for crypto traders and exchangers? Let's take an even closer look:

Proofs Of Tirlu’s Legitimacy 

Even a brief rating analysis shows that Tirlu is an honest and legit exchange platform: 

• Tirlu openly warns users about risks associated with PayPal’s anti-crypto policy. 
• There are hundreds of overwhelmingly positive users’ Tirlu reviews all over the Internet 
• Tirlu has been working for more than 6 years now, so it is definitely not a scam. 

Tirlu And Risks 

The main risk of using crypto comes not from the platform itself or even from inherent volatility of cryptocurrencies, it comes from PayPal. 

Receiving profits from selling crypto to your account is a violation of PayPal Terms of Service, and such transactions can be put on hold. In some cases, when we reviewed Tirlu we found that accounts can even be permanently blocked. 

Tirlu warns about this and undertakes a lot of measures in order to minimize the risks: 

• Payments are sent from multiple not connected accounts
• Transactions are marked as “Payments for goods and services”
• There are instructions on how to get around PayPal monitoring system 
• Tirlu support services guides users through interactions with PayPal support 

Tirlu Is Top-Notch

However, while these measures reduce the risks quite significantly, they do not completely eliminate them. So you should be careful and should not slack in following the instructions and recommendations provided in this Tirlu review.

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