Why Manufacturing Businesses Should Invest In High-Quality Labeling Systems

why manufacturing companies must buy high-quality labeling system

The United States manufacturing industry has a value of over $6 trillion. That makes the US one of the biggest manufacturing countries in the world. The manufacturing sector alone contributes to 11% of the country’s GDP. 

So, it is easy to see why more people prefer doing business in the manufacturing industry compared to other industries. However, despite being a profitable sector, a manufacturer can also incur losses if they aren't careful. 

Equipment defects, failures, and downtime can lead to massive manufacturing losses. Inventory discrepancies and a lack of judgment in quality control is another issue that leads to losses. 

Then there is the impact of poor managerial decisions. All these lead to losses. However, one technical problem that businesses often ignore is how repetitive tasks take a toll on the bottom line. And one such task is labeling. 

Even when you apply labels using a labeling machine, it might still lack the quality you are looking for. That is why you need to invest in a high-quality labeling system. They provide labeling solutions that can speed up operations at your manufacturing plant. These labeling systems are also more versatile than ordinary label printers. 

The list of benefits of a labeling system is vast. Today, we will take you through some of the most crucial benefits. So without further ado, let us look into why a manufacturing business should invest in a high-quality labeling system. 

Savings On Labor Cost 

Paying for additional labor always takes away a big chunk of your company’s financial resources. Over the years, the cost of labor has only gone up. You also have to provide them with health benefits. 

Besides, these workers are entitled to annual paid leaves and holidays. Thus, having a team of people to apply labels to your products isn’t a good idea. 

Instead of using manual labeling, you should opt for an automated labeling system. That will allow you to save labor costs. You could even utilize those financial resources elsewhere. 

A labeling system or machine doesn’t need a salary. You don’t have to pay for their medical needs or leave. Paying a one-time purchase and installation fee, and a yearly maintenance fee is enough to run these machines. 

Increased Efficiency 

There is no doubt that machines are more efficient than humans. That means automated or semi-automatic labeling is a lot faster and less time-consuming than manual labeling. However, there is more to it. 

Even when you are not using manual labor for applying labels, your labeling system might still come undone. That will happen when it can’t keep up with the production lines of your factories. 

For instance, your labeling system can apply a label in less than half a second. However, your production line demands it to apply at least two labels in that time. That means you will either have to slow down the production line, or speed up the labeling machine. 

In such cases, opting for a high-quality labeling system is always the best solution. In many cases, automated machines will learn to adjust to your production speed, and match it accordingly. However, even at their base versions, these high-end machines can provide amazing results with high efficiency. 

Improved Consistency 

Humans often make mistakes. It might be a slip of the hand, or a simple distraction. In such cases, they can’t stay consistent, even when they are doing the same job for years. That results in inaccurate labeling. 

With a labeling machine, things are more consistent. They will always attach the labels as you program them. Such consistency is crucial for ensuring a high-quality product. Your labeling machine will rarely generate any errors, compared to humans, who make three to six errors per hour on the job. 

Manual labor will also fail to keep things consistent when the volume or number of products increases. To avoid inconsistency, you will have to bring in additional manpower to handle the additional workload. With a labeling machine, you can simply program it to carry out more tasks, as we have mentioned earlier. 

Better Output 

High-quality labeling machines are a bit more expensive. However, they do justice to their high price tag by providing you with better output. That is not only evident in the way they label, but also in the print quality. 

Labeling systems that incorporate a label printer can produce high-quality results when it comes to the overall print of your labels. That ensures better quality in terms of texture and clarity. 

Leverage Labeling

And with that, we conclude our article on the benefits of labeling systems. These are just some of the more crucial reasons why you should invest in a high-quality labeling machine. As you start using such a product labeling machine for your business, you will discover more benefits than you can keep count of.

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