3 Ways To Virtually Invest In Real Estate

ways to virtually invest in real estate reit

The real estate market has never been this hot, and with more millionaires swearing by real estate everyone wants to know how they can get their piece of the pie. While investing in real estate is a great way to invest in your future, it can be challenging to get started. 

Real estate can be difficult to start investing in, as it usually requires purchasing physical properties, fielding tenants, and capital to get started. Thankfully, there are ways you can virtually invest in real estate. Here are 3 top ways you can virtually invest in real estate and begin your real estate investing journey. 

1. REIT's 

Real estate investment trusts or REIT's are a great way to virtually invest in real estate without the hassle or headache of closing on a property. REIT's are easy to invest in, can be traded on major stock exchanges, and offer a lot of benefits for those looking to invest. 

First, let’s take a quick look at REIT's. A real estate investment trust (REIT) is a company that owns, operates, or even finances income-producing properties. There are many different types of REIT's for nearly any type of investment. The most popular REIT's tend to lean towards large commercial properties like apartment complexes. 

REIT’s offer many ways to invest in real estate, and allow you to invest using the method or assets that work for you. You can invest in REIT's by purchasing individual stock through 401(k), IRAs, pension plans, and other investment funds depending on the REIT you choose. By becoming a stockholder in a REIT you can earn a share of the income produced from that property, without having to purchase or manage a property! 

REIT's offer a lot of flexibility for first-time investors with minimal risk of having to purchase a property. For this reason, REITs are one of the easiest ways you can virtually invest in real estate if you want to share a percentage of a profit with other stockholders. 

2. Crowdfunded Real Estate 

REIT's offer a lot of flexibility for those looking to virtually invest in real estate, but for those looking for even more variety, crowdfunded real estate is a great alternative. While real estate crowdfunding is similar to a REIT by pooling funds and profit-sharing for a property, real estate crowdfunding can offer a larger selection of investment properties such as residential flips, single long-term rentals, offices, or other real estate types. 

Getting started with real estate crowdfunding can be easy, by using the right Fintech platforms you can easily find projects and investors that catch your eye. From here investors can pool their money together to purchase and profit from a property in monthly income or even one-time payouts. While most REIT's are publicly traded companies and trusts, Crowdfunded real estate can be on a much smaller scale. You can work with seasoned or first-time investors, meaning your returns can potentially be higher than that of a REIT but has a higher risk factor. 

While you can invest in REIT's as crowdfunded real estate, real estate crowdfunding can offer even more variations and opportunities for your investment. Real estate crowdfunding offers an easier barrier to entry than some REITs. As always there is a risk with any investment, and due diligence is absolutely necessary before any investment. 

3. Real Estate Note Investing 

Both REIT's and real estate crowdfunding offer ways to pool funds and share profits for investment properties. For those wanting to virtually invest in real estate, with low risks, and higher returns without profit sharing, real estate note investing is a perfect choice. 

Mortgage or real estate notes are signed when a property is purchased. Real estate note investing, or mortgage note investing, is when a lender or bank sells a note, (often at a discount) to free up capital and cash flow, and note Investors can purchase these notes and receive the interest from these loans. Some mortgage notes can be purchased at a discount from the lenders. 

Oftentimes, the lenders or banks will offer to service these notes, meaning you receive monthly payments for the life of these notes. Additionally, you will profit off the interest of these notes, without having to manage the property of the note itself. You can easily finance notes in a variety of ways, including IRA, 401ks, cash, or other payments. 

Note Investing is one of the easiest ways you can invest in real estate, with minimal risk and no profit sharing! 


Real estate investing is a great way to diversify your portfolio. With a shortage of properties to invest in and fast-rising home prices, it can be harder to get started in real estate than ever before. Thankfully you can start investing in real estate virtually with plenty of investment options. 

3 Ways To Virtually Invest In Real Estate - Simply Summarized

● REIT's 
● Crowdfunded Real Estate 
● Real Estate Note Investing 

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Catherine Way is the Marketing Manager at Prime Plus Mortgages a hard money lender and note provider for real estate investors.

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