A Guide To Selling Tea Online From Your Home

how to sell tea online home business side hustle

If you love nothing more than to sit back and relax with a cup of tea, you’re not the first. After water, tea is the planet’s most consumed beverage. In fact, in the United States alone, you will find some kind of tea in 80% of homes. Whether it’s consumed cold, hot, morning, or evening, tea is certainly a drink of choice for millions. 

Tea Time Can Have Profitable Potential

For those who are passionate about tea and want to turn their love of the beverage into a money-making business venture, why not sell your own tea products from home? It's a smart side hustle or even full time job if you have the right products and passion. To get started, here is a guide on what you need to do to launch your tea business. 

Know Your Tea Business Idea's Unique Value Proposition 

Before you jump too far ahead with your idea and purchase custom tea packaging, you need to establish what kind of product you want to sell. You do that right after you save enough money to launch your business. Do you want to concentrate on hot tea, or stick with cold tea beverages? Will you be selling green tea, white tea, black tea, red tea, chai tea, or other options? There are many questions you’ll need to think about and address before launching your tea business. Make sure you research into other tea businesses so you can come up with a USP (unique selling point) that sets you apart from competitors. 

Create Your Business Entity 

As a tea company, you must register with your state first to become a legal entity. In some states, you may have the option to register online, or you may have to submit documents in person or by mail. You will also need to obtain an EIN (Employer Identification Number) with the IRS so you can file annual taxes. Also, you may need to apply for a particular permit in your state or city. If you’re not sure what to do, it’s best to contact your local government. And because tea is a food product, there could be additional paperwork that needs to be filed and additional liability to prepare for. 

Create An Online Store 

Once you’ve worked out your idea and got your tea business registered, it’s time to set up an online store. As you’ll be selling from home, without a store for customers to use, you won’t have a business. You will need to complete transactions securely, so consumers trust you. Creating a website, blog, and store to advertise your products is key for developing a successful brand. If you aren’t the most tech-savvy, it’s wise to hire an experienced web designer to take over the reins on your teas company website. 

Find Your Audience 

When it comes to selling your tea products, you need to find an audience who will buy into your brand. While millions of us consume tea daily, different flavors will appeal to different crowds. You need to know your customer base inside out so you can find an audience who stick by you and recommend your products to family and friends. 

Firstly, you should research competitors in your field so you can get an idea of who you need to appeal to. Next, you should create a list of all the benefits and features of your drinks. For instance, if your tea is calorie-free, the main advantage is that it will help dieters achieve their goals. You can also use social media platforms like Facebook as a way to reach out to audiences. 

Sell Smarter

Whether you’re looking for a side hustle to pay the bills, or you want to commit all your time to developing your tea brand, the tips above will give you the basics of how to begin your business from home. It's time to sell smarter and build your business bigger and better!

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