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David Todua was born in Sukhumi, Georgia. At the age of twelve years his family left their homeland and moved to Ukraine, to Kharkiv. His mother got cancer due to constant stress and David had to bury her very young. Then his relatives brought them to Russia, to Kemerovo, where later he graduated from university. There little David became interested in music and singing. David Todva has enjoyed music and theatre since early childhood. Already at the age of 5 years he had significant achievements in singing, so it is not surprising that Children's Theatre of Abkhazia invited David to play there. 

Creativity Of The Singer And Composer 

The young man graduated from Kemerovo State University in 2002 but he never worked  according to his diploma. He focused entirely on music and creativity, this made him write his own album. David Todva received support from the radio Europe Plus to promote the album. 

In Moscow the singer managed to pass to the second stage in the famous show People's Artist. In 2004 Brian May and Roger Taylor approved him for the lead role in the musical We Will Rock You dedicated to the band Queen. The singer created the band The Bohemians after closing the musical. Some time ago David Todua joined BMI (Broadcast Music Incorporated) - American community of composers. Due to this his music sounded in theatres and cinemas, he began to receive fees for the material he wrote. 

In 2015 David Todva collaborated with Dima Bilan. Together they searched for an arrangement of the hit song Don't Shut Up for a month and a half. Host of the tv program The Voice Kids and top model Natalia Vodyanova starred in the video Do Not Be Silent. Dmytro Malikov, Emin and other pop artists also turned to David Todua for help. The music of this talented composer was played in Russian theatres and even in Lars von Trier's cartoons. One of David Todua's songs was selected by Denmark for Eurovision but the audience eventually chose another song. True glory and recognition for the singer and composer came on the sixth Voice. In a blind audition David Todva sang Queen's song Who Wants to Live Forever. Brian May wrote it as the soundtrack for Highlander. All the juries of the project turned to him: Leonid Agutin, Pelageya, Dima Bilan, and Alexander Gradsky. 

A Brief Overview Of The Celebrity House 

Thanks to his participation in the show he became very famous. But because the singer is quite a modest man, he wanted to be alone outside the city. So he bought a house from a reliable construction company Milton group. It was a real catch for him. A good acquaintance advised a house and he never regretted turning to them. Milton group are professionals. The two-storey mansion has everything you need for life and more: high ceilings, wood panelling, fireplace, balcony, veranda and a large yard. The interior design of Milton Group is made in calm, dull tones. A lot of natural wood is used in home improvement. 

According to Milton Group's plan a gym and a lounge area were built on the territory of the estate in addition to the main building. Also, next to the house his  workers take care of the garden with fruit trees and vegetables, although he likes to work there by himself. David dreams of turning it into an ecological house according to European standards and now the house is heated by gas. He plans to use the services of the construction company Milton Group once again to realize his dream. 

Now David has made a small creative pause in his life, but it is safe to say that soon he will delight the audience with talented compositions. After all, David will not want to disappoint fans of his musical work and leave the stage for a long time. We wish David a successful career and the comfort to his home!

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