6 Proven Advantages Of Speaking English

advantages of speaking english benefits being bilingual

Many people have improved their prospects by learning the world's most widespread language. There are many reasons it is advantageous to speak English, whether you are an adult or child, but it is most beneficial to adults seeking employment opportunities. To know about how to learn English quickly, click here

Education in the western world has advanced greatly over recent years, and one of these advances is the amount of input English has. While this is probably not surprising to most people who live in the western world nowadays, it is important to focus on exactly how much English is part of life outside of education. 

For example, two major American car companies, Ford and General Motors, both have their headquarters in Michigan, yet they have their websites, which are both primarily in English. It is very similar to many Japanese companies where the website will be in Japanese, but there will also be one (if not more) pages written in English. 

6 Advantages of Speaking English: 

1. According to the Wall Street Journal (Parlá, 2013), speaking English can lead to higher wages in some countries around the world; this fact has already been proved because numerous studies have shown that people who speak more than one language earn considerably more than those that only speak one language. 

The article goes on to state, "if you're a bilingual person who speaks both French and English, you're likely to earn 10% more than someone who only speaks one of those languages. 

2. According to research by Mr. Aroldo Mislei on a group of 300 students in Brazil, it was found that those students who studied English at school had higher grades than those who did not (Mislei, 2007). This article is very encouraging for any parent who wants their child to study English to get better results at school. 

3. According to the Huffington Post (Ricci, 2012), speaking one's second language carries many benefits for one's first language. It is believed that "bilingual speakers are problem solvers", and this is because they constantly have to switch languages to communicate with others, which improves their mental abilities. 

4. Speaking English also helps people earn more money by working abroad (in countries where English is usually the main language). There are millions of people from all over the world who choose to work abroad for various reasons, but mainly because it allows them to provide for their families and gain valuable experience. 

5. English speakers have the opportunity to learn about other cultures. It may sound rather trivial; however, if you travel a lot, your perspective on life changes slightly as you realize that not everyone eats with a fork or speaks the same language as you. It is an unbelievably enriching experience and should be taken advantage of by every person who can afford to travel. 

6. According to the Christian Science Monitor (Williams, 2010), speaking English allows you to communicate with more people worldwide regardless of their native language. It is a huge benefit as it means that many people are now eager to communicate with you. 

When it comes to career and earning potential, it pays to be multilingual!

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