How To Organise A Winter Outside Company Party

how to organize outside company party winter parties holiday

Ideally, you would like to plan your company party on a warm sunny day. Unfortunately, this is not always possible. You can't force the weather, and if you have something to celebrate in the winter, you will obviously want to celebrate during that time. Fortunately, there are plenty of solutions to make your winter party a great success! Because what is usually the best place at parties? Right, outside in the wintry weather! 

1. Set A Location 

Will all your employees or colleagues fit into outside your office? If you don’t have a nice outside space, then it is probably best to think of different locations. A field around the corner of the office is also a great idea. Of course, make sure with the local authority that you actually can hold a party there. Are you deciding on hiring a location a bit further away? Then you can always rent a van (Dutch: personenbus huren) or a van for 9 people (Dutch: 9 persoons bus huren) to get your colleagues to the location. 

2. Tips If It's Too Cold 

Maybe you think that it might be really cold. But that shouldn’t stop you from organising a party outside. You can do many things to keep your colleagues warm. For example, you can create extra wintry warmth by putting up a tent on the field. In case of rain, it is nice if this tent has side flaps, so that all your employees are not only warm, but also dry. Hire patio heaters to heat the tent and you are guaranteed of cosy conversations. So, make sure that the tent is suitable for a heater! 

Another way of heating up your colleagues is to have a fire pit. However, you should place it outside the tents or shelters, otherwise you will be in a cloud of smoke in no time. Besides warmth, a fire basket also has other advantages, as it gives the ultimate winter feeling through the smell of burning wood and the glow of the fire. 

3. Warm Food And Drinks 

What helps to keep warm at your winter company party is if the bellies of your guests are well and warmly filled. Hang a big kettle of mulled wine on a tripod above the fire, where everyone can grab a drink to keep them warm. Or you can heat up a pan of soup as a midnight snack. And perhaps not very original, but no less appreciated by your guests, delicious hot chocolate with whipped cream and, to really get warm, a dash of rum or Baileys. This will really warm up your company Christmas or New Year's party fast.

And if you are not really into preparing a lot of food and drinks yourself, just get yourself a caterer, they will take care of all the food and drinks. This way you don’t have to worry about anything yourself during the holiday season. And if you really don’t want to organise anything at all for holiday company parties, you can hire a party organiser. 


Does that sound like something you would enjoy for your outdoor winter company parties? Have fun during your business holiday parties and stay warm!

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