Online Tools To Execute A Law Firm Marketing Plan

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Although the success of a law practice is undoubtedly affected by its lawyers' effectiveness, it is also important to consider how well it markets itself. Law firms that are not growing effectively will lose their competitive edge. That is why services like Gladiator Law Marketing advise their clients to use one or more of the many online tools you can use to execute your law firm's marketing plan. 

These top attorney and lawyer software solutions include: 

Customer Relationship Management (CRM) 

CRM software is crucial to a successful marketing campaign for law firms. Which software options are best suited to the legal industry? Here is a list of CRM software that you can tailor to meet the marketing needs of your law firm: 

• Clio Grow - This CRM software is for law firms already using Clio. It can help with legal client lead management and organization. For more information on this lawyer and attorney CRM program, read this clio legal software review.

• HubSpot Law firms can use this CRM software to track client communications and meet their needs. 

• Lexicata - A popular CRM software that law firms use to automate the lead generation process. 

• Lawmatics - This software allows law firms to run email campaigns and use reporting to simplify and automate their client intake process. 

Attorney Pay Per Lead (PPL) Services 

PPL allows lawyers to take control of the procurement process by allowing another company to provide leads. PPL services can generate solid leads for law firms through various methods. The law firm does not pay anything until the prospective client registers or signs up. 

Law firms may find a PPL service beneficial because it eliminates the need to "mine" leads. Instead, they can focus their time on client conversion, organization, and follow-up. Law firms should only entrust lead procurement to reliable, experienced companies that are familiar with the area. Here is a list highlighting some of the most widely used PPL services in the legal industry: 

• Avvo - is a well-known website that provides legal information. Avvo created a platform for lawyers and clients to match. Profiles for lawyers and law firms can be featured on the site. They can include rating and review capabilities as well as pay to display ads and top placement in the directory. 

• FindLaw (LawyerMarketing. Com) - FindLaw is a popular site for legal information and reference. It also offers a variety of marketing services, such as lead generation and pay per click (PPC), web development, and many others. 

• Lawyers. Com - This site is becoming increasingly popular for blogs and legal information. This platform allows you to search, review, and match lawyers with clients who need services. 

• Legal Match - This is a matching service between lawyers and clients. This monthly subscription fee is unique in its pricing structure. 

• Nolo - Although lead generation isn’t everything, Nolo does focus on this particular area. Lawyers and law companies can either pay for lead generation that is specifically generated for them or for leads that are shared with other law businesses. 

Advertisements With Pay Per Click (PPC) 

PPC ads are the most popular form of internet advertising. This model of advertising allows businesses and law firms to pay for an advertisement for their company to appear on search engines and websites. Charges are only charged when a potential client or customer clicks on the ad and goes to the landing page. 

Although most PPC companies provide services for a wide range of businesses, some are specifically geared towards law firms. 

 Juris Digital - Juris Digital is a law-focused marketing agency. They specialize in SEO and content marketing. However, they can also design and implement PPC ads for law offices. 

 LawRank - A legal firm that can help you increase your Google search ranking. 

 Blue Corona - Blue Corona provides PPC and marketing services in the Google Ads and Bing Ads spaces. This company is highly valued by law firms for their depth of knowledge and experience. They also rank high in Google search results, which speaks volumes about their effectiveness as an SEO and marketing company. 

 FindLaw (LawyerMarketing.Com) - FindLaw is a well-respected legal marketing agency that can help you. This company has a track record of helping law firms remain competitive in their industry. 


Law firms must use marketing software and tools effectively to generate leads and clients that will help with growth and client acquisition. Law firms can maintain a competitive edge by using the right combination of services and tools to increase client growth. 

Attorneys now have world-class online marketing tools just a click away thanks to social media, CRM, and other top SaaS programs.

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