The Key To Spotify Is In Your Hands!

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Yes, you heard us right. If you are a young independent musician, struggling to get attention, you have all you need to change the course of action. You have the great music, you have the name, and you have the desire. Desire is the most important part. Without your desire to become a start you can’t succeed. And now one more thing can add up - you’re desperate. Desperate not to lose the right moment as a starving artist looking for their first big break. We know that there are not many moments in the career of a musician when he can become successful and grab that fame. And losing that moment is a crime, equal to murder, the murder of your future success. So desperate times require desperate measures. And this article is about one of these measures as a new musical artist in need of a jumpstart. 

Spotify promotion is very powerful and profitable. Some people consider it to be a scam and unfair to other musicians, thinking that all promotion is just adding bot activity. But that’s not true. Well, partly it is. If we are talking about free promotion, then all you can hope to get are bots. But if you decide to choose paid promotion, you can be rest assured that every follower you get is real, and all plays are organic. How you may ask? 

Well, the promotion is all about finding new ways to earn attention of a potential listener. The services that do promotion spend so much time finding those ways and mastering them, that every time a person orders a promotion everything is ready. Social media is ready, all partnerships and collaboration are signed, everything is tip-top. And the result is very fast. Just a few days and you have all you needed. 

The promotion is important, because there is only one way to be featured and promoted by Spotify - have some initial mass. You just have to have many followers and plays, and show positive growth dynamics. If your account doesn't show that, you will quickly end up thrown away no one will ever look at. By increasing the traffic and activity, you show Spotify algorithms that your creativity is interesting and worth listening to. 

After the system sees that, it starts putting your tracks to popular playlists, user suggestions, radio, etc. After that people start seeing you in the place they are used to - in their recommendations. And the growth continues. All you have to do is to gain that critical mass as fast as possible. 

Do you know that all famous music labels and producers are constantly monitoring Spotify in search of new fresh talents? And you are one of them. So don’t leave them waiting, and seize the moment. 

Just a few dollars and you have the successful career for years to come. Are you willing to make such a small sacrifice for such a great thing? So, break your piggy bank and start changing your future today thanks to Spotify!

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