Gold Coast Is Experiencing An Increase In Scammy Phantom Movers. Get Insight Into Hiring A Reliable Gold Coast Removalist

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It is a stressful time when you move houses. Do you ever wonder what your stuff is worth? Is it really possible to own so much stuff? Do I have the ability to organize everything to get my stuff from one place to the other? Thinking about this can make your head spin in circles and get overwhelmed. Australians often prefer to pay someone else for this task when faced with this problem. When you hire a professional Gold Coast removalist, they will pick up your belongings, pack and label it, and then transport them from one location to another as it is their job and you are paying them for their service. However, these services have become more popular therefore you will also notice more fly by night operations popping up all over the country and in saying that. Who do you know is reliable? Before you hire any Gold Coast movers, do your research. You want to be sure that your belongings, which are being transported by the removalists company, will arrive at your home. An initial background check will give some comfort. 

Insurance-wise, it is best that you arrange transit insurance through an agency if you have high-value items or want to be covered in the case of damages during a moving. Many removalists won’t cover damage. They only have goods-in-transit coverage. This will cover your items only in the event the truck flips or is damaged by fire or flood. Don't assume your home or contents insurance will cover you. Most policies cover these items while they are in your home but not on the roads. 

Here is a list of things to look out for before hiring a local or interstate removals company. 

Do Your Research And Verify That They Have An Australian Business Number 

A good first step is to confirm that the ABN of your business is current and not cancelled. This proves that they are legitimate, in operation, and registered with Australian Securities and Investments Commission. 

Examine Whether The Removalist Firm Is Licensed For Public Liability 

Public Liability is insurance that covers the removalist firm against property damage or injury to third party workers. This is especially important when working in a field where there are often accidental damages. 

Be Familiar With Your Contract Of Service 

Keep a copy and confirm you are paying what is stated in your contract. Go ahead and find out whether there are any additional costs that may be added to relieve any financial blow outs. 

What Payment Methods Are Preferred, And Ask For An Invoice 

A reputable movers business and one that is in it for the long haul would have the proper equipment and business setup to accept payments and pay their taxes. There shouldn’t be any excuses and any reason whatsoever not to provide an invoice when asked to do so. For those that have a problem with issuing you an invoice, you may have to think twice whether the company is suitable. 

Are There Any Known Trusted Reviews? 

Always try to search third party platforms or social media to see if any other customers have used the removalist in the past. This should give you an insight of what the removalist is like. All businesses are bound to get a few not so good reviews, by using your judgement you can be sure to conclude whether the company is worth giving your business to or whether it is better to pass and find a more reliable removalist. 

How Good Is Their Communication? 

Do they keep you informed every step of the way during the moving process? Are the movers always reachable via their contact medium such as phone, mobile, email? Always ensure you are speaking to a real person before transferring any sort of money or deposit on moving services. 

Keep all these tips in mind to hire the right reliable removalist!

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