AWS Solutions Architect vs. AWS Cloud Architect Certification

aws solutions architect vs aws cloud architect certification career salary

As cloud technology is accelerating, knowledge about dealing with the cloud is ready for IT professionals. Various cloud service providers offer cloud certifications. Cloud computing — data and services stored on the Internet rather than a computer hard disc — is expanding. Enhanced internet access and cloud use, new technology, and pandemic-based digitalization have expedited the use of cloud technology for numerous services. Gartner, a business advisory enterprise, forecasts that the cloud will account for 14% of the world's IT investment in 2024, up from 9% in 2020. Let's learn the essential variations in AWS Solutions Architect and AWS Cloud Architect certification paths for 2021 and beyond. 

AWS Solutions Architect Certification Course 

The purpose of the AWS Solution Architect course is to provide you with knowledge of AWS, storage services, database management services, development and administration tools, app services, computing, analytics services, content management, messaging and payment services, mobile networking, and on-demand personnel. Amazon Web Services (AWS) features a cloud-based solution that provides a high degree of security networking, system, mobile, database, developer tools, and administration tools. 

Following a recent survey, AWS Certified Solutions Architect - Associate makes a sufficient income. You get hands-on real-time experience in work with cloud computing, Amazon Web Services, various components of cloud-like software as a service, Platform as a service (PaaS), infrastructure as a service (IaaS), or private cloud programming with the AWS Solution Architect certification. AWS Solution Architect training will also teach you the best practices in design, plan, scale, data security, security processes, error resolution, architecture, and AWS infrastructure. If you can draw from the objectives, the primary aim of this certification is to develop the optimal architecture for your systems. 

What Does An AWS Solution Architect Do? 

A Solution Architect (SA) is the holder of AWS Well-Architected Framework pillars, ensuring users follow best practices, guidance, and suggestions to create safe, robust, efficient, and operationally effective cloud solutions. 

Basic Skills: 

Should know at least one OS like Linux, Windows, Solaris, Ubuntu, or Unix. Linux is the recommended operating system experience for new AWS solution architects. On the other hand, previous expertise as a solution architect or administrator is equally promising in operating systems. 

● Should have a general grasp of particular programming or scripting languages. 

● Must have complete networking concept knowledge like IP addresses, DNS, TCP/IP, and HTTP. 

● Level of expertise on key concepts of security, such as firewalls. 

Role-Specific Skills: 

● Sales and customer communication is an essential aspect of the task of a newer AWS solution architect. Interpersonal skills are, therefore, necessary for an AWS solutions architect. 

● Their primary responsibility is to resolve difficulties to meet customer requests and corporate goals. 

● Candidates interested in beginning a career as an Architect in AWS should also have adaptability skills. The AWS solution architects have several things to deal with, such as writing scripts, debugging, or migration work. Consequently, adaptability is a vital role-specific qualification. 

● Prospective applicants for the role of AWS solution architects should therefore possess time management competencies such as day plans and priority tasks. 

● AWS solutions architect fresher has to stay updated with frequent AWS improvements. Proactive learning and research are also vital prerequisites. 


By June 21, 2021, AWS Solution Architects have an average annual salary of $ 155,000 in the United States. In case you require a basic pay calculation, it's about $74.52 an hour. 


There is a huge demand for AWS Solutions Architect jobs. Companies currently use cloud technologies because of their efficiency, security, and many other advantages. Professionals with experience in cloud architecture are therefore very demanded. 

AWS Cloud Architect Certification 

Since cloud architecture focuses on software and development, you need to be a cloud architect with many complex and technical abilities. Get started to understand computing through a formal graduation program or online courses and workshops. 

Cloud architects develop and build cloud environments and handle a wide variety of components of cloud computing and infrastructure and collaborate with multiple organizations' cloud architecture. Experienced cloud architects know the programming languages, telecommunication, and API management systems. 

What Does A Cloud Architect Do? 

Cloud architects design cloud environments and develop them. They manage several aspects from the front-end platforms, the networks used to store, and the infrastructure. Additionally, they create and coordinate cloud architecture with different companies, collectively focusing on cloud computing techniques and business. 

On the technical side, the development team will design cloud environments. First, they see what systems are required, with which suppliers they will deal, and what parts they will receive from various providers. In its final phases, cloud architects will continue integrating and repairing the project. 

Because cloud architects deal with a range of enterprises, all customers must navigate the various cloud needs. You need to know what each organization requires and how each function may support or satisfy its demands. 

Cloud Architect Skills 

A cloud architect requires substantial training and know-how, although not all of them are technical. You will need to manage your team to master both the technical and the commercial facets of cloud architecture—here are the abilities you will need. 

Hard Skills: 

● Know-how of programming languages 
● Knowledge in enterprise computing 
● Understanding of telecommunication systems 
● Knowledge of caching, queuing, network, and security systems 
● Comprehension of application program interface (API) management systems 

Soft Skills: 

● Written skills 
● Verbal communication 
● Management 
● Leadership qualities 
● Business sense 

Salary And Demand: 

Cloud architects are ranked by IT architects, who are usually senior positions and pay over six figures. Cloud architects typically make $109,000 a year, according to the Bureau of Labor Statistics. The average salary of both Ziprecuiter and Payscale amounts to $153,000 and $128,000, respectively. The demand for cloud architects is likely to expand as cloud computing and technology are on the rise. 

Final Words On AWS Careers And Certifications

AWS certification verifies the cloud expertise to assist professionals in demonstrating on-demand experience. Enterprises create efficient and innovative cloud projects with AWS. Select from various roles and specialty certification examinations to enable individuals and teams to achieve specific objectives. Investing time to demonstrate your expertise and talents on online platforms can serve as a guaranteed step to climb this level of cloud success in 2021 and 2022.

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