What Dosage Of CBD Should You Take? Cannabidiol Dose Guidelines

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Cannabidiol (CBD) is widely viewed as a miraculous natural product that comes from the hemp plant. The world has warmly welcomed CBD products because of its various therapeutic effects on both physical and mental health. It's a mentally and physically demanding world out there, especially this past couple of years, so CBD oil arrived just in time. A wide range of CBD products like CBD edibles, topical products, oils, sublinguals, sprays, and vapes are now available in the market. 

However, what matters the most to ensure maximum CBD effectiveness is its proper usage. There are a few factors that determine the effectiveness of the product dosing. These factors for CBD oil consumption doses are as follows: 

 Right Type According To The Need 

Development in the CBD industry has led to the extraction of different types of CBD products. These products include full-spectrum CBD, broad- spectrum CBD, and CBD isolate. It's better to have a complete analysis of your medical or personal issue to figure out the type of cannabidiol that will work best for daily doses. 


The perfect dosage of CBD intake matters a lot. Imagine finding out that CBD didn't work for you because you were not taking the correct dose. It's the loss of money and energy. 

This article will solely focus on the role of the dosage factor in the effectiveness of CBD. It’ll also cover the average dose of CBD that generally works well. 

The Perfect CBD Dosage 

Since the era of the popularity of CBD has begun, people are continuously confused about how much CBD to take to ensure positive changes. CBD is a relatively new Cannabinoid that scientists are studying. Its other aspects have kept them bound to the extent that they have not fixed a specific typical CBD dose yet. However, it is pretty clear that each person's individual health and condition might require different dosages. 

Let's talk about the first CBD-based product, Epidiolex, that FDA approved. 

Physicians recommend starting with 2.5 mg/kg of the total body weight twice a day. Hence, the total dosage per day is 5mg/kg of body weight in this case. 

The CBD dosage might be increased to about double the initial cannabidiol dosage after a week. 

• The Concentration Of CBD In Different Products 

Different CBD products like CBD capsules, gummies, and oils might have different CBD concentrations each. So the potency of the individual product should also be kept in mind. 

• Different Dosage For The Different Conditions 

Extreme medical conditions might require high doses, while mild conditions might get better with small amounts. 

Let's have a look at specific effective CBD oil doses for a few conditions: 

- For anxiety, 300-600 mg CBD per day works well. 
- For Parkinson’s disease, its value is around 75-300 mg per day of CBD. 
- For Psychosis, it is 600 mg per day of CBD. 

 Different CBD Products 

The cannabidiol dosage that might work for you also depends on a specific product and its mode of administration. The oil dose that works well for you might not be equal to how much CBD gummies to relax. There are the following few methods of administration: 

- Sublingual administration as in CBD oil drops. 
- Nasal sprays. 
- Topical massage. 

In the same way, CBD edible dosage differs from all other methods. 

It is because different administration methods make CBD duration in the blood fluctuate.

Cannabidiol Conclusion 

Many people are confused about how many mg of CBD to take daily. It’s better to ask your physician about cannabidiol consumption based on your personal goals, medical history, and other medication or dietary supplements you may be taking. 

If this option is not available, you should start slowly with low doses of CBD oil. Eventually, you can keep on building these CBD oil dosages up according to their effect and your requirements.

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