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Moving abroad is a massive step for almost everyone. Unless you already have a well-established business or a lucrative job waiting for you, you may have to look for some great opportunities. Entrepreneurs are constantly looking for the next great idea to help them start on a new journey. For them, it is a chance to escape ordinary life and learn something new. For such people, the thrill is in starting a new venture, a brand new place, and getting to explore fresh avenues of doing business. 

If this sounds like you, then you’ve come to the right place. Before we start, we would like to advise you on the necessity of ensuring all the paperwork and documentation is in order. While you think of the best business ideas, you should speak to immigration services from Kent and gather all the necessary documentation to help you with the big shift. 

If your legal paperwork, immigration status, passport, and visa formalities are in order, you can concentrate on getting the business up and running quicker than average. 

Let us look at some business opportunities for entrepreneurs abroad. 

4 Top International Entrepreneur Opportunities 

Tourism-Based Business 

If you’re new to being an entrepreneur and need a boost, you should opt for the tourism industry. The tourism industry, advice, and follow-up don’t usually need a lot of immediate capital investment. With the Covid-19 pandemic, almost all work is done from home. If you don’t want to enter tourism as an industry, you could consider other tourism-based ventures. 

Some popular options are take-away cafes, ice-cream kiosks, hot dog stalls, food trucks, and bakeries. These ventures don’t need much investment and can quickly get you started in a foreign country. You just have to ensure you start off at a busy location. 


Opening a franchise can be less risky in comparison to taking the entire financial load on yourself. Most franchise models have set expectations, products, and processes. It is not that tough to set up franchise outlets of food chains, restaurants, stores, and other retail outlets. The best part about franchising is that they have ready marketing plans, business models, strategies, branding, and products and services. 

Depending on your investment, you can start with as low as a few thousand pounds and go as high as a hundred thousand pounds. If you’re not too interested in franchise food chains, you could also consider hotel chains. Lodging and boarding are still vital avenues in the franchise industry to help set you up as a strong player. Depending on your budget, other franchise options are health and fitness, pharmacies, hospitals, and more. 

Import / Export 

If you’re shifting to a new country and are planning to start something of your own, why not consider taking a bit of your homeland with you? Many foreigners carry their cultures, food, and traditions with them to different countries. If this interests you, you could think of starting a store and importing goods from your home country. Depending on the local produce in your home country, you have several options to choose from – meats, cold storage, spices, wines, and more. 

If you’re more of a trader, you could export things back home from the new country. This idea is not limited to only the new country. You could ship oysters, seafood, baskets, and lots more from across the world to your home country. However, to support such a venture, you would need to have a robust network back home. Just exporting goods will not cut it. You would also need to tie up with distributors to create a name and reputation and increase business over the long term. 

Language And Translation Institutes 

If you’re moving to a country where English is not the first language, you could start with language institutes for local children and other students. Most non-English speaking students require additional coaching and tutoring with the language. This is especially needed if they plan to study abroad in an English speaking country. Language institutes are great money makers. The work is good, but the hours are long. You would also have to prepare notes and find tutors who can assist in translation services. 

Most people need translation services. If you register as a translation expert with the government, you could effectively start getting jobs from the get-go. Since teaching has now turned online, you would not have to immediately invest in studios and coaching class spaces. Instead, you would have to invest in a few laptops and a strong internet connection for a global business opportunity. 

International Entrepreneurship Excellence

Successful entrepreneurs are always searching for a great idea. If the investment is low but the rewards are high, there is no harm in starting a new business in a foreign land.

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