Li-Ion Battery: Is It The Ideal Battery Type?

lithium-ion batteries are li-ion best battery type

For years, nickel-cadmium batteries were considered the best pick for portable devices, from mobile computing to wireless communication equipment. Lithium-ion and nickel-metal-hydride batteries were invented later in the 1990s, and they became the go-to models for manufacturers of portable devices. If you are planning to start a phone or other portable devices production, one of the questions at the back of the mind might be, “Are Li-Ion batteries the best for your devices?”

A Closer Look At Li-Ion Batteries

Although it was not until the 1990s that Li-Ion batteries became a reality, their development can be traced back to 1912 when Lewis G.N made a number of trials. The early attempts were not successful because of safety concerns. The instability of lithium batteries made early researchers shift to non-metallic lithium, particularly ions. However, later Li-Ion models proved to be very effective.

Main Benefits Of Lithium Ion Batteries

Although non-metallic lithium is safer compared to metallic lithium, it is slightly lower in energy density. However, the energy density of Li-Ion batteries is higher, about twice the standard nickel-cadmium batteries.

You will also like their impressive load characteristics, and they also behave like nickel–cadmium when it comes to the discharge rates. The only way to establish the quality of Li-Ion batteries is through lithium-ion battery testing.

Another impressive benefit of using Li-Ion batteries is that they are low on maintenance. This is one of the attributes that make Li-Ion batteries the most preferred type for portable devices. For example, there is no scheduled recycling or memory needed to prolong their life.

In addition, the self-discharge in Li-Ion batteries is about 50% lower compared to nickel-cadmium type. Because different appliances require varying levels of charge, it is crucial to test the batteries correctly using high-quality battery load testers.

Disadvantages Of Lithium Batteries

While the advantages associated with using Li-Ion batteries are enviable, you also need to appreciate they come with a number of drawbacks. Make sure to understand them well and also have the right battery load tester for checking them before installation into your devices. Here are some of the demerits of lithium-ion batteries:

• Li-Ion requires protection circuit to help maintain current and voltage within the safe limits.

• They are subject to aging, even when not in use.

• There are many transport restrictions, especially if you are shipping Li-Ion batteries in large quantities. This implies that your facility might be forced to rely on local suppliers or import them in small batches, a strategy that can easily push up the cost of production.

• Manufacturing Li-Ion batteries is more expensive compared to other models, such as nickel-cadmium.

The Sure Way To Ensure Li-Ion Batteries Work For You

If you are considering using Li-Ion batteries, we must indicate that they are awesome, but you must carefully factor individual requirements of your devices. For example, what is the discharge capacity? How do Li-Ion batteries compare with others?

At every stage of your product development, you should use the right lithium ion battery testing devices to ensure that only the best batteries are used in your smartphones or other devices.

Another thing that you need to appreciate about Li-Ion batteries is that they are under constant review as newer models get invented. For example, you might want to test the Lithium-Polymer batteries. So, compare them two by testing them using appropriate battery load testers and reading expert reviews before making the big decision.

Lithium-Ion Battery Conclusion

This post has demonstrated that Li-Ion batteries are outstanding. Although they have some disadvantages, their benefits make them stand out, and it will be a good idea to consider them for your devices. Remember that just like with other batteries, you must test the Li-Ion batteries using the right lithium ion battery testing devices to ensure that only the right model is selected.

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