3 Interesting Unikernels Projects That You Should Check Out

unikernels projects

The world of technology is progressing at what seems to be a rapid clip. But the truth is that much like everything else, transformative technology takes a while to build. We are seeing more progress in the world through technology these days because more individuals are finding ways to get involved. 

As more individuals participate in the technology space, acceleration takes place. One can see that high-quality people can bring in more innovation, ideas, and progress. 

That is where we can witness the rise of cloud computing and the massive benefits to organizations of all types. But have you heard about unikernels? Have you heard about what this fantastic concept can do for large and small organizations who seek to innovate and increase their computing power? 

If you have not heard of unikernels, do not worry, you are not alone. 

Many individuals are still finding that there is a lot to learn and use as they progress in technology. It helps to find out more about a new concept like Unikernels by understanding what it is, how it matters and then how it is present in different projects. 

Here is what you must know about this new type of technology. 

The Basic Foundations Of Unikernels 

The idea of unikernels boils down to one simple fact: customized, singular address space machine images created by utilizing various library OS points. Yes, that does seem like it is pretty complex, and truth be told, it can seem challenging at first. But remember that unikernels minimize the overall points of attack and save space and money by shrinking the need for additional computing. 

How Are Unikernels Created? 

One will notice that these unikernels come about through developers aggregating powerful top- level languages into customized machine images that will process via a virtual machine. You might already know that virtual machines or hypervisors are integral to a large portion of the cloud computing world today. These virtual machines are the foundation of a significant amount or backbone of cloud computing in more ways than one. Now, the reason why this is a fantastic point of progress is that it is more efficient, valuable, and secure

You can also notice that it will provide a broad range of benefits that can give much more progress and value than your conventional operating system. The most significant jump with these unikernels is that they offer much more efficiency and speed. 

Now that you know what they are, here is what you must know about the different projects that are using these unikernels. 

Different Projects That Use Unikernels 

Here are a few projects that are of the open-source nature that utilize unikernels. 


This open-source machination created by individuals at Cloudius customized this project for an interconnected computing framework. Individuals will notice that it can run applications that have languages that range from Java to Scala. It can process through several virtual machine systems like VirtualBox or others. 


Unik is one platform pushed by EMC, another open-source project for aggregating application origination points into unikernels. People will notice that the ability to go with a lighter approach over the traditional binary approach can add massive value. This one is unique because it can work with several systems that range from virtual machines to coordination tools. 


This is another project that is making the unikernel process a bit more straightforward. You can start to create and run with this project right from the start. Further, you can also notice that it will provide tools, libraries, and other aspects to help you keep moving with your project. It supports several languages and runs with various hypervisors. 

The New Concept Provides More Value 

As you can see, the principal value with unikernels is that they provide more efficiency, lower footprints, and lower energy use. Remember that each of these components is necessary as more computing power becomes necessary to power the world of the Internet of Things and other technology sectors.

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