5 Tips For Improving Employee Wellness

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Employee wellness is a relatively new concept for many businesses, especially the ones run by more traditional and old-school managers. If your business hasn’t embraced the need for employee wellness programs then I highly suggest you do something about that sooner rather than later. Employee wellness is vital for keeping your staff in optimal health so they can be at their most productive at all times. Here are 5 simple tips for boosting your employee wellness program. 

1. Focus On Prevention 

General prevention is much cheaper than cures. Preventative maintenance will prevent employee injuries in the workplace as well as avoid unnecessary frustration on your employee’s behalf. Waiting for equipment or vehicles to be repaired after a breakdown can lead to morale dips which, in turn, leads to a decrease in employee satisfaction. 

2. Encourage Physical Exercise 

Employees who regularly engage in physical exercise are happier and far less stressed than their sedentary counterparts. Happy hormones are released during physical activity which helps your employees feel less anxious, gives them more energy, and better equips them to deal with high- pressure situations. Encourage your employees to be more physically active by providing bicycles for use during lunchtimes or by installing gym equipment in your break rooms. After that, just sit back and watch your employee retention improve greatly. 

3. Improve Health Benefits 

Offering better health benefits as an employee benefit is one of the best ways to attract talent. Executive recruiters Calgary will help you find the best candidates for your business but the benefits package you offer will dictate the quality of the candidate applications that you receive. Health benefits will go a long way in increasing overall employee wellness as well as productivity, not to mention being a great morale booster. If your employees know that you care about their wellbeing they will automatically care about the wellbeing of your business. 

4. Promote Healthier Eating 

The best way to promote healthier eating in the workplace is to ditch unhealthy snacks in favor of vending machines filled with healthy snack options. If your company can, you should consider providing healthy lunches to your staff. If budget constraints prevent you from making grander gestures then you should launch educational campaigns to teach your employees how to make healthier eating choices. 

5. Develop The Right Company Culture 

Your company culture is such an important aspect when trying to improve your employee wellness in general. Old-school companies who still have a fear-based culture consistently have lower staff morale and far higher staff turnover when compared to modern businesses. Employee wellness programs recognize that employees are not just cogs in a wheel but rather they are living, breathing entities with their own needs. Good workplace culture has been repeatedly proven to improve employee engagement and staff retention. Companies with a healthy organizational culture regularly outperform their competitors financially and are much more successful in general. 

Employee Excellence

Employee wellness may seem like a useless concept to you now but once you’ve researched the subject more you will realize that these programs don’t only benefit your employees but also directly affect your business’s bottom line.

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