5 Expert Tips To Get Started With Pinterest Ads Campaign

expert tips pinterest ads campaign

Pinterest is by far one of the most unique and engaging platforms that offers something for everybody. The visual discovery engine has managed to garner a lot of following and users across the globe, thanks to its interesting format and content. 

Pinterest’s Ads Campaigns are also quite unlike other PPC networks because of their unique format. More and more brands are converging on the platform today to leverage the opportunity of establishing a rich connect with audiences using Pinterest Ads. However, without detailed insight into the unique world of Pinterest Ads, one can pretty much get lost trying to create a successful, lead-generating campaign. 

This is why we have tried to compile the smartest of 5 Expert Tips to help you get started with Pinterest Ads Campaign in 2021. 

Understanding The Pinterest Audience 

You, as a business, must pay special focus to the different kinds of audience you can garner on Pinterest for a successful campaign. It is best to organize the audience pool into a list of different types based on why they are on Pinterest, what kind of pins they like and what is their likely course of action from thereon. 

Pinners on Pinterest are provided with the option of deciding their position in the Purchase Journey from “Just Looking” to “Maybe I Could” to “Narrowing It Down” to “I Know What I Want” eventually. This itself becomes a point of classification of prospective customers into four different categories primarily. 

Besides, there are website visitors, who will click the link to your website if they find your campaign interesting and wish to know more. Some audiences might prefer saving your campaign for later to their dashboards. Yet others might share and engage with your campaign directly and can play a crucial role in adding to your audience pool. You must factor in all these types of Pinterest audiences to be able to successfully generate different kinds of leads from your campaign. 

Focus On Keywords 

What the audience sees when they type a search query depends a lot on how well you have structured your campaign to suit these searches, or rather keywords within them. Therefore, you must perform comprehensive research and analysis of the kind of keywords you want to target for your ads. 

A quick competitor survey or a smart internet search will provide you with all the information you need specific to your niche on the right keywords to target. You can either mould your campaign according to trending keywords or pick out the most relevant and high- performing keywords based on your campaign ideology. 

Keep A Tab On The Demographics 

Pinterest Ads Campaign also allows you to select the target demographics for your campaign. Although Pinterest recommends not to narrow down this aspect to only a few categories unless your product or service has serious constraints, such as age or gender, you can analyse the market and your ideas carefully for a better understanding. 

Picking the Right Ads Format 

One of the first things the Pinterest campaign manager asks you to choose is the objective of your campaign. The three options available are – 

1. Build Awareness – suitable for those looking to fuel their brand’s discovery online by posting interesting graphic and video content to generate curiosity in customers 

2. Drive Consideration – this campaign is for those who want to get more people to click on their ads as a form of lead generation and prompting users to engage with campaigns. Drive consideration is also in line with the top PPC trends 2021

3. Get Conversions – the campaign to go for if you want to drive Pinterest users to take action such as purchase on your website, app download and so on. 

After you have chosen the objective, you also need to pick the right Ads format for your campaign. You can choose from options like static and video ads, app installs ads, carousel ads, shopping ads, collection ads or story pins. One hack is to use static and video pin creatively to generate two separate ad groups, followed by arranging all other types within these two heads. 

Keeping Up With Trends 

Lastly, it is crucial that you also pay attention to the trends and seasonality associated with Pinterest ads campaigns and content. inspirational content usually always works, because people need their daily dose of motivation. The current events of national and international relevance can also play a cue to an interesting ads campaign and keep up with the trends. You can also engage influencers and collaborate with them to create trendy and popular ads campaigns. 

Final Words On Pinterest Promotions

With the paid ads campaign growing exponentially by the day, businesses must learn to leverage their power and role in market place-making. There are several platforms that can back you up in this process if you find yourself in a fix and require assistance and services like PPC London. After all, there are so many choices for advertisers when it comes to PPC networks and it is easy to get confused. 

Logically, it is a safe bet to go for established players like Pinterest because of large audience pools and exhaustive reach. With a thorough understanding of who your target audiences are and what message you are trying to convey to them, you can pick out the best and most suited ads campaign for Pinterest suited to your brand and needs.

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