Tips For Buying A Second Home In Myrtle Beach (SC)

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Buying a second home is a serious business! It is a riskier investment than most people realize and requires a lot of work. Let us discuss some important factors before continuing. 

The second home is not a full-time home, and its primary purpose is not a rental property. This is an unclear term, however. The word "second home" is described more explicitly below. So, let us find out what a second home actually is! 

What Is A Second Home? 

For tax purposes, a property can be treated as a second home in the following two situations: 

● You live there at least 14 days a year. 
● You rent it for 10% of the days. 

You have more options. For instance, if you rent a house for three months per year and reside in it for 14 or more days or more, it is considered a second home. 

Many investors have tougher specifications and obscene requirements than those of the IRS. In fact, if you plan to rent the entire home, many lenders will not give you secondary accommodation. 

Why Choose A Second Home? 

You may need to understand three different representations of a second home: 

● When exempt from capital gains tax for primary residents, a second home means that you have not owned at least two in the last five years and have not lived in your primary residence in the last five years. 

● For tax purposes, a second home is equal to 10% of the number of days you live for (at least two weeks or the renting period). 

● The second home is not your primary home for financial purposes, but it is not rented to anyone else. 

Ensure that you know the residence's objective that you identify yet still make the appropriate decision. 

Why Own A Second Home In Myrtle Beach? 

Myrtle Beach (SC) is a perfect choice for a family holiday for most individuals. Here, we will cover the top five reasons you want to own your second home in the Myrtle Beach area. 

● Affordable housing prices 
● Good weather at four different times of the year 
● Many different types of attributes 
● Extensive activities attract everyone's interest. 
● Tax-friendly 

For an extensive guide for buying condos in Myrtle Beach, and more might help you. 


Pricing and valuation are among the perks of buying a second home in Myrtle Beach. In many parts of the United States, home prices are between $600,000 and $700,000, whereas here, the price is only $200,000 to $300,000. 

These are apartments with either a sea view, a private beach, or even a coastline view. These prices are fine. When it comes to buying real estate, the homes and apartments in Myrtle Beach are unbeatable. 


The tropical climate of South Carolina is mainly due to its geographic position. The heating and cooling of the Atlantic Ocean are quite enjoyable. 

Being near the ocean has brought a relaxing year to Myrtle Beach. The wind cools us in summer and warms the ocean in winter. 

Colorado's winter holidays are pleasant, but it is not enticing to shovel the snow and drive in icy conditions. Coffee in Seattle is great, but the sun is not enough, and the blue sky is clear. 

The sun in Florida is good, but who likes to deal with worms? 

Myrtle Beach's subtropical climate attracts most people who do not like hot or cold. You will see 210 degrees of sunny weather, but it mostly varies from 55 to 88 degrees. What other location can provide such enormous benefits? 

Unique Experience 

Those with high hopes will find a unique Myrtle Beach experience as they view the beaches, waterways, and golf courses of the Great Fjord through the luxurious windows. 

Residential Building 

Picturesque Lake Myrtle Beach is a gateway to several charming neighborhoods, about a mile and a half from the beachfront. In gated communities, homes for sale feature brick and plaster homes, including heated pools, food centers, gardens, and spas. 

Condos On The Beach 

The view from the private balcony over the skyscraper brilliantly shows the Myrtle Beach area of ​​South Carolina. The beachfront apartments are skyscrapers, apartments, and penthouses high in the mountains with unrivaled views or right on the beach. 

These are rustic style apartments from Lichfield at the southern tip of the Great Southern to Cherry Grove in North Myrtle Beach and one to five bedrooms, low to high floors. 

Residential Apartments By The Beach 

The Myrtle Beach property also offers a great residential experience for the aquatic community in the Myrtle Beach area of ​​South Carolina, with many homes and apartments on the Coastal Waterway (ICW). 

Many households are part of developed communities. Others are single- family homes, right on the water, providing privacy and beautiful views from passing boats. 

Houses And Apartments On The Golf Course 

You might already recognize that Myrtle Beach is the world's largest golf hub, and the best part is that you will enjoy several other lovely golf courses on Myrtle Beach. The hillsides, pubs, and luxury homes in the Grande Dunes are just a few of the many golfing communities that your family can enjoy. 

It will be the perfect place for your children or grandchildren to learn golf and putt like a grandfather. Become what they call a "bargaining chip" in the old neighborhood. 

Main Business 

Myrtle Beach is full of activities that will appeal to any foodie or adventure lover. 

● Beach for swimming, canoeing, parasailing, windsurfing, sunbathing, fishing, and walking 
● World-class golf and tennis 
● Waterways and sounds for boating, fishing, and waterskiing 
● Popular shows, live music, and entertainment. 
● Amusement and water parks 
● Fishing charter from the local pier. 

Myrtle Beach and Grand Strand also have many shops and restaurants. The area has hundreds of exclusive boutiques, specialty stores, and large complexes, such as seaside malls, Tangier discount stores, Barefoot Landing, beaches, and Broadway in the market community. 

Also, restaurants in the area can find world-class food for all tastes, and of course, there is always fresh seafood on the menu! 


Kiplinger listed South Carolina as one of the ten states where homeowners pay the least taxes. Low sales taxes, property taxes, and income taxes are well-suited for families looking to make the most of their tough savings. 

The property tax rate for second homes in the Myrtle Beach area is typically around 1.25% per year. Therefore, for a property valued at $150,000, this is roughly the equivalent of an annual property tax of $1,800. 

In relative terms, this is an extremely low proportion. Sales tax is just 6%, which is viewed to be minimal in most regions. 

This article might help you if you want to save money for a house. 

How To Buy a Second Home? 

Establish a Budget Make sure you plan and establish a budget plan for these aspects: 

● Property itself 
● Settlement fee 
● Furniture and appliances (if necessary) 

Your contingency fund, including sufficient funds, can cover expenses for three to six months: 

HOA fees 
● Home insurance 
● Tools 
● Property tax 

This post can help you with lowering your HOA fees. 

Do not pull the trigger until you have accumulated the exact amount of your second home purchase. 

Bonus Tip: To maximize the benefit of higher interest rates, deposit money for your second home in a money market fund. 

Alternatively, you can bring the capital into a mutual fund to take full advantage of investment returns if you do not want to purchase a second property earlier. 

However, the stock market is always risky, so if you plan to buy five years from now, refrain from investing. 

Do Your Research 

It is a critical choice for you. Do not hesitate! Take your time to consider what you are searching for specifically. Define different communities. Drive and walk the places you like. When you go hunting, follow these tips: 

● Do not buy the best real estate nearby (or in the neighborhood). Look for houses in the lower / middle end of the best neighborhoods, not the best houses in cheap areas. 

● Decide if you want to work with the management team. The property management team makes the landlord's life more convenient, but using the property management team can hurt your bottom line. 

● Know the local regulations. Tax laws vary from state to state, so you will need to do your homework and consult a tax expert to understand what you want to do. 


Once again, do not try to decide alone! SC Real estate agents can access all kinds of information they do not have, and they have market knowledge and experience. Working with professionals in South Carolina will save you a lot of time and trouble. Plus, you can also save money and ultimately get better deals with Myrtle Beach property.

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