Is It Worth Flying Business Class?

is it worth flying business class cost first class flight seat

If you are planning a trip somewhere, you may have wondered if it is worth it to upgrade your ticket to business class or first class seating. You know that you will be more comfortable and the food will be better, but you wonder if it justifies the cost since you will only be in the sky for a relatively short period of time. 

Although the business class is more expensive than economy class, the overall benefits can make it worth the extra cost. The difference between business and economy class can be as low as $50 and as high as $3000. Whether or not the price upgrade is worth it, will depend on the circumstances of the particular trip. 

How Long Is The Flight? 

If you are taking a 45-minute flight from Denver to Salt Lake, it might not be worth it to fly business class. You can probably tolerate sitting still in a small chair for less than an hour and there won’t even be time for foodservice. However, if the flight is over an hour or so, there can be great benefits to business class. 

If you upgrade your ticket you will find that you have a much larger seat. There will be more breathing room between you and the person sitting next to you and that can be of great advantage nowadays, especially when you take off your mask to eat. 

When you sit in one position for a long period of time it can cause blood clots and other health problems. Coach class seats are getting smaller on commercial airlines and any person who is not very small may have a hard time moving their legs. A business class seat will have plenty of legroom and you may even be able to put your seat all the way back. Elevating your feet in first class flights can actually help you avoid getting blood clots or other health risks. 

How Much Will Food Cost? 

If you are going on a flight that is longer than a couple of hours, they are likely to serve food. If you are in coach class, you may pay $5 for a container of chips, $10 for a snack box, or $20 for a full meal. If you want a shot of alcohol in your soda, you may have to pay an additional $10. 

A hot meal is a rarity in coach class. You may pay quite a bit for a cold-wrapped sandwich. You can always bring your own food or buy something at the airport, but it might not stay fresh by the time you are ready to eat it. Any free food or snacks can't usually be counted on anymore in coach seats with airlines cutting their costs anywhere they can to stay in the air.

If you fly business class, you will get the hot meal of your choice, and cocktails may be complementary. You may also get to take advantage of the business lounge at the airport where you will have free snacks and soft drinks before your first class flight. 

Are You Bringing More Than A Carry-On Bag? 

If you are checking a suitcase through, some airlines will charge $35 to $50 a bag. Some discount airlines will even charge you for a carry-on. You will get to check one or two bags through for free if you fly business class on most airlines. 

Flying business class will leave you well-rested, nourished, and ready to enjoy your destination. It is almost always the best way to get where you are going. Read more at to travel smarter for business on a budget.

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