5 Signs You Need a Press Release Published

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A press release is one of the oldest methods of marketing and is still one of the most effective. Companies and organizations all over the world create press releases every day and send them out to media outlets, blogs, and others in the hopes of getting coverage. 

If press releases are too be effective, then they need to be about something important. When do you decide to send out a press release and for what? If you’re worried if your news is worth a press release, then this guide will help you. 

You’ll learn everything you need on when you should send out a press release. 

1. Send Out a Press Release When You Have News 

The original goal of a press release is to catch the attention of the media. They receive the release via email and decide to print it or to do a story on it. They receive hundreds of press releases a day, so it’s important the information on the release is truly news. 

When you send out a release it should be targeted to outlets that cover this type of information. There’s no use sending a release about a business acquisition to a blog about food. 

What is news? News is different to almost every outlet but look at the media and see what they’re writing about. Send your press release out to media that cover those types of news. It could be new product announcement or anything else you deem important. 

If something negative happens related your company, a press release may be required to address the matter or for damage control.

2. Create a Press Release for Major Personnel Change 

Stakeholders and the news media are interested in major personnel changes in your company. If you replace your CEO or CFO, then write a press release about it. Making a big change in the hierarchy of your company is news and it could get picked up not only by business outlets but also mainstream media. 

It depends on the size or importance of your company or the reputation of the outgoing or incoming personnel. When you have major news to share, consider a press release writing service. They specialize in creating engaging press releases that look great and convey the information succinctly. 

The format and length of a press release are important because with so many being sent to them, media outlets don’t have time to read a three-page press release. It needs to be one page or two at the max if you want any chance of it being picked up. 

3. You’re Moving to a New Location 

If you’re a business that has been at the same location for years and you decide it’s time to move to a larger place or one more attuned to your business niche, then that’s big news. If your business is large, then a move can garner national attention. 

For smaller businesses, you’ll want to send a press release to your local media and media of the new location. This is big news depending on where you’re moving. If you’re moving across the street, then it’s not such a big deal. If you move to another city, then it impacts the city’s taxes and the jobs of your employees. 

A business move is a time of celebrations, so focus on the positive aspects of the move such as the increased size, better access to rails or Interstate lines, etc. The goal is to show your business is such a success you need a better place to continue and grow. 

Be careful on who you send the release to. You don’t want to alienate media because they don’t cover that type of news. You may need to send something to them later and they’ll remember your previous attempt. It’s good to pick and choose who to send press releases to instead of just a blanket email to everyone. 

4. Closing Your Business 

It’s always a hard decision to close a business whether it's because of bad financial times or just want to retire. This is certainly worth creating a press release, especially if you’re a business that’s been in the area for a long time. 

The press release should explain the reasoning behind the closure and a few quotes from the owners explaining how happy they were while in business. Closures are news stories for the local press, so expect to get phone calls for interviews. 

If you’re lucky, you can be featured in the business section with photos and more. It’s best to choose a celebratory approach to closing your business and make the press release positive and not focus on the negative aspects. 

5. Opening a Business 

You’ve spent years preparing to finally open a business and the time has arrived. Whether it’s a small mom and pop shop downtown or a factory in the industrial park, people need to know you’re opening. 

A press release is perfect to provide information about your business, dates for grand openings, etc. Most marketing costs money but creating and sending out press releases can get you free media attention. 

You need to give your business the best chance at success. Foot traffic into your business only happens if people know you’re there. It’s not just brick-and-mortar stores either. Online stories need to tell people they’re opening too. 

Send out press releases to media, blogs, and other people that are in your niche. There are press release distribution services that send out the release for you. SEO can take weeks or months to be effective and PPC costs money right away. 

A press release is a reliable way to get your information out to the people that need to see it. You can create a targeted list of PR-friendly media to send it out too. A new business is big news, so use a press release to get it out to everyone you can. 

Trust in a Press Release 

If there is news about your business, then you need to tell people about it. Press releases are one of the best methods of marketing for a business or organization. They’ve been around for decades and they aren’t going anywhere, so embrace the power of PR and publicity. 

If you want more information about press releases and how they can help your business, then please explore our site. Visit the PR section of the Bootstrap Business Blog for more tips on powerful press release publications.

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