How To Manage A Multi-Generational Workforce

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Thanks to remarkable advancements in technology, especially technology focused on mental and physical wellness, people enjoy longer and healthier lives. It acts as a catalyst to delayed retirements, which has helped create multigenerational workforces recently. 

Researches show a steady increase in the age of retirement, changing from 60 years to 66 years due to higher costs of living and longer lifespans. Workplaces are now filled with the multi generational workforce, contributing to positive impacts and inevitable conflicts. 

You can run your business successfully only when you constructively face these challenges and overcome them. Here are some ways in which you can overcome the challenges of managing a multigenerational team. 

Communication Is The Key 

Gen Z, born between 1995 and 2015, are the ones who have grown up in the era of the internet, smartphone, and cable TV. Thus, this group of multi generational workforce focuses more on communication through text and email than face-to-face meetings. Millennials born between 1981 and 1994 agree to the same type of digital preferences. 

Meanwhile, the older generations are not used to this, and they are comfortable with face to face conversations and physically present there during an interaction. Knowledge is gained through personal experience and interaction more than through the written word. 

You can overcome this challenge by encouraging small talks inside and outside of work. Impress on making eye contact and learning to live in the moment. 

Break Down The Technological Barrier 

Contrary to the previous point, technology is an area where Millennials and Gen Z get the upper hand. In this age, using technology to communicate within the workplace is very important. It may pose difficulties, especially for the older generations. They would instead prefer face-to-face communication and telephone calls. 

You can overcome this technology barrier by encouraging mentorship among the multi generational workforce. Younger employees can share their knowledge about technology with older workers and learn back from them as well. 

Understand Them And Their Needs 

It would help if you had the knack to get familiar with the critical differences of the generations. But you should not use it to stereotype these differences to match with your management style. You have to understand their importance and recognize the individual priorities of every member of the team. 

This basic understanding can be a starting point. More than this, take time to learn about every employee and regulate them in such a way as to maximize impacts. 

Adaptability And Flexibility 

As a business leader or a manager working with a multigenerational workforce, adaptability should be one of your top skills. You have to adapt to their nature and bring them together as a team and avoid clashes. 

Take communication, for instance; if you are only sending out emails for a meeting, the younger generations in your team may even miss it as they are more reactive to instant messaging. You must be responsive and consider their preferences to serve your needs better and encourage chances for collaboration. 

Quick Conflict Resolution 

Transparency is one of the valuable qualities of any manager. If you are managing a team with an age-diverse workforce, this quality should take the front wheel. In any case of conflict, you must communicate your expectations clearly to everyone involved as early as possible.

If you delay or avoid taking action, it can worsen the situation and create a more significant rift between them. Though it is crucial to welcome views and opinions, it should be identified and addressed soon if there is a negative conflict. 

You can face many challenges while supporting and managing a team with employees belonging to distinct generations. All you have to do is be mindful of the individual preferences and try to invest in improving personal relationships within a multi generational workforce. 

If you manage to achieve this, you can benefit from diverse opinions and ideas, which can be a route to success. A multi-generational workforce could be the advantage your business needs to survive and thrive in today's challenging economy.

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