How To Find The Best Realtor In Vancouver

how to find the best realtor

With the Vancouver housing market back up again, you might be thinking of selling. Alternatively, you might be looking to buy, especially before prices get too high again. Either way, the big question always remains: how do you find the best Realtor Vancouver professional? 

What Do You Need From A Realtor Vancouver Professional? 

Before jumping into the details, it is worth first taking the time to specify your needs. Are you buying or selling? What area are you looking at? Do you want to work with a large company or do you prefer a more personal approach? Do you have a set criteria for your property or, on the contrary, do you want someone to guide you? 

The more questions you can answer, the easier it will be for you to choose the right Realtor Vancouver professional. The answers to those questions will also help you discard certain groups. Knowing what you don’t want can be just as helpful as knowing what you do want. 

Various Options For Finding A Realtor Vancouver Professional 

As always, the traditional ways still exist. You can walk around your area and walk into real estate offices that you see. This way, you will talk to real estate and Realtor Vancouver professionals and get an immediate idea of their style and approach. With increasing competition, most people now prioritize the service they are getting from their Realtor Vancouver professional. This is in contrast to previously simply being interested in the product, according to a PWC survey. 

We now also live in a digital world and so it is also useful to do an online search and cross- check. There are many different options ranging from company and individual websites to institutions and blogs. In fact, it can feel a bit overwhelming at first so we will go through the details. 

How To Find The Best Realtor Vancouver Professional Online 

The main options are listed below which we will review in detail: 

● Realtor Institutions 
● Best of Lists 
● Review Top Brokerage Lists 
● Top real estate blogs 

Realtor Institutions 

It is worth noting that the word Realtor is a trademarked name. A Realtor has passed an extra set of exams, when compared to real estate agents. They also belong to an institution that holds them to higher standards and expectations. This can be helpful for you because you can, for example, find lists of Realtors and their details on the websites of these institutions. The main ones for finding a Realtor Vancouver professional are The Canadian Real Estate Association and the website. 

"Best Of" Lists 

Here are a few lists that detail individual real estate agents and Realtor Vancouver professionals. Examples are PropertySpark, RankMyAgent and Rate-my-Agent. These sites allow you to access their lists straight away but some sites ask for your details, including your email address. Unfortunately though, it is easy to feel overwhelmed by these lists because everyone sounds relatively similar and they all seem to have great ratings and feedback. Of course, someone might naturally jump out at you and so give them a call. 

Review Top Brokerages 

Whether you are a real estate agent or a Realtor Vancouver professional, you can’t operate alone and you have to be registered with a real estate broker. These are usually firms of various sizes and reviewing these can be another helpful starting point. 

Market research firm Clutch might sound familiar to some, but you also have RealTrends that specifically focuses on real estate companies. Where RealTrends lists the largest firms, Clutch focuses on services and, for example, their top 3 today are Two by 4 Ventures, Onni Group and McDonald's Realty. You could then go to those websites and review their agents, some of whom might act independently. You can then decide who to work with, based on style and the rapport you build with that person after you have spoken to them. 

Top Real Estate Blogs 

The great thing about blogs is that you get a sense of style and what is important to that business. Entrepreneur and Inc are the obvious names for finding top blogs but you can also do your own search. You will very quickly that there are a lot of blogs out there and hopefully, some should jump out at you either because of their approach or their focus. 

Final Thoughts On Finding The Best Realtor Vancouver Professional 

With the Greater Vancouver real estate market worth several billion dollars, it can feel overwhelming when choosing a Realtor Vancouver professional. Fortunately, you can use the Realtor institutions to help you find the right professional in your area. If you have more time available, you can research blogs and real estate websites across the Vancouver area. 

Either way, the information is there for you, but make sure you know what you need before you dive in. This will make it easier to narrow down the list to something manageable. It is worth remembering that a Realtor Vancouver professional is a certified member of a real estate institution and that they are therefore legally and ethically bound to be transparent. 

You therefore don’t need to worry about the process but really about who you want to work with. Take your time finding someone you feel you can build the right rapport with. The process will then naturally follow and you will be successful with your Realtor Vancouver professional and partner.

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