9 Dentist Marketing Tips to Grow Your Practice

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Did you know that women make around 85% of consumer dental decisions? It makes the most sense, considering that the mothers are the ones to take their kids to the dentist most of the time. 

This is an important consideration when in your strategy. This isn’t the only consideration, though. You also need to consider consumer location, your marketing platform, ads budget, and more! 

Keep on reading to find more useful tips when creating your dentist marketing strategy. 

1. Target Women in Your Marketing Strategy 

As we said above, women are the key demographics in your business. Make sure they make informed decisions by tailoring your content to them, for instance. It is also a good idea to send them brochures or newsletters. 

You should also keep them in mind when designing your dental marketing materials. Your brochures, website, and more should appeal to them. 

2. Focus on Local SEO 

If you have a website, as any good business should, you must learn digital marketing for dentists, including SEO. This will make your website more visible in search engines. In turn, it gives you more traffic, leads, and customers. 

However, make sure to focus on local SEO. This targets people in your area. 

These are the users who will search “dentist near me” or “dentist in *your location*” or something similar. This will bring up results relevant to their location, so you will have better chances of targeting those with the actual intent of visiting a dentist. 

Without local SEO, you may as well be targeting a person in another country. 

3. Publish Valuable Content 

An important part of any good SEO strategy is content. It plays a role in bringing in traffic and increasing your authority in your niche. In your case, it will help make you seem more trustworthy and credible. 

Have a blog section on your website, like top dental practices. Here, you can publish dentistry articles that are helpful to all readers. 

Make sure to keep them all in line with your field to establish your authority. Pay attention to its quality, as well. Poor quality will turn potential customers away and will hurt your SEO. 

4. Don’t Forget to Put Call to Actions 

Remember that the goal of every piece of content is to turn the audience into a customer. What’s one simple way to do this? By telling them what to do. 

Put a call to action at the end of every page, video, and even image you publish. All pages on your website must have a CTA button, too. Your social media posts must contain any CTA, as well. 

This way, your potential customers will know where to go next. Most of them won’t do anything if you don’t point out what to do. 

5. Engage in Your Local Community 

You have to make sure your business has a good community image. Your community is your primary target audience, so it makes good sense to participate in it. 

You can start by sending neighborhood newsletters. It should have useful content that will bring value to the recipient. 

Another way to foster a good image among the community is by sending out postcards. This also leads to more community engagement, which means more new patients. 

You can also do a marketing drive in schools or companies. For instance, you can give away free toothbrushes in your local kindergarten, along with some brochures about the kids’ first trip to the dentist. 

6. Have a Referral Program 

Did you know that one of your best sources for new clients is your current clients? If they’re happy with your services, they’ll have no problem recommending you to their friends, family, coworkers, or anyone at all. 

These people are more likely to take upon their recommendations, too. They would rather choose a dentist recommended by someone they trust than other options. 

This is why you should have some sort of referral program. Give your current patients some incentive in giving you new ones. 

You can give a bonus service or a special discount. Whatever you choose, it should be something your customers will like. This shouldn’t be hard to do as people love any free stuff anyway. 

7. Send Text Alerts 

Your current clients are your livelihood, and, as we’ve said above, your key to getting more clients. You should take care of them, too. 

Send them text messages or emails to remind them of their appointments. Not only will this make them feel valued and cared for, but it will also decrease the number of missed appointments. 

It’s going to add to your staff’s workload, so make sure to review their current workload to see if they can handle it. You may have to hire another staff for it and your social media account. 

8. Build a Social Media Presence 

Every dental practice must have a social media account as a part of online marketing for dentists. More than half of the world is now on social media. This makes it a great tool for reaching out to any audience. 

It makes your business easier to find and discover. Having a social media presence alone can make you more trustworthy and accessible. Many of your customers will use it to contact you, and you can use it to reach new customers. 

9. Create Dentist Marketing Videos 

Videos are a great way to engage your followers on your website. They’re informative, just like articles. However, they’re much easier to understand than lengthy blogs. 

Making videos is a whole different subject, though. The first few seconds matter the most. Viewers can decide not to watch the whole thing if it’s not interesting enough. 

The key is to capture their attention right at the start. Then, at the end of the video, they must feel that they didn’t waste their time watching the video. Don’t forget the CTA at the end. 

Take the time to learn how to create the best dental practice marketing videos. Or, you can also reach out to a digital marketing firm for this dental advertising task. 

Grow Your Business with the Right Strategies 

The dream of any dental business is to have the customers come to you. However, this won’t work if you don’t reach out to them first. We hope that our dentist marketing tips above will help you with that. 

Of course, there are other strategies to master if you want your dental clinic to prosper. To discover even more marketing tips, feel free to continue reading through our library of guides today!

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