5 Must-Have Characteristics in an English Tutor

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Did you know that as much as one-third of the world's population speaks English? Despite being one of the most common languages in the world, native and ESL speakers alike struggle with the many strange rules and quirks. Are you interested in sharpening your English skills? 

Keep reading to learn about 5 characteristics your English tutor should have so you can make the most out of your studies. 

1. Excellent Communication Skills 

Whether you're working with an in-person or online English tutor, they need to have excellent communication skills. All tutors may be experts in their field, but not every tutor has the ability to talk about complicated subjects in a simple way. Your tutor should always speak to you in a way that feels approachable instead of making you feel inadequate. 

2. Positivity 

An English language tutor has to always be positive because English is difficult for many people to grasp. There may be times where you feel frustrated or want to give up. The tutor needs to have a cheerful attitude and passion that will inspire you to keep trying until you succeed. 

3. Versatile Teaching Methods 

When you're working with a private English tutor, they should be able to adapt their teaching strategies to complement your learning styles. Every learner grasps concepts in different ways, so a high-quality tutor should be able to identify your learning style and maximize each lesson. As a learner, you also have the responsibility to speak up when your tutor isn't explaining something in a way that makes sense to you. 

If you work with top reading tutors, you will have no issue finding someone who can match your learning style. 

4. Relatability 

Have you ever noticed that it's a lot easier to get excited about learning when you have a connection with the teacher? Learning should have fun moments, which is why your tutor should make an effort to play games and chat about interesting topics with you. After you build a deeper bond with your tutor, learning will feel less like a chore. 

5. Patience 

It's normal for learners to excel in one area and then find themselves stuck when they switch to a new topic. Our brains process things at different speeds, so your tutor should be prepared to match your pace. Tutors should adopt a quicker speed for subjects you're more confident in so they can take extra time to go over things that are harder to understand. 

This skill is especially crucial if you're searching for an English as a second language tutor. English builds on itself, which means you need to have a strong foundation to succeed. 

Now You Know Which Characteristics to Look for in an English Tutor 

If you're looking for an English tutor for yourself or a loved one, now you know 5 key characteristics to look for before you hire someone. 

Do you want to know other ways you can reach your full potential aside from an English tutor? Make sure you browse the rest of our site to find more helpful educational tips and student guides on a wide range of important topics beyond English tutors.

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