5 Ways Pests Can Lower Your Property Value

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A home is one’s sanctuary and probably the biggest investment of a lifetime. Whereas, pests can easily erode all the sweat of hard work. Wood gnawing termites, rodents, cockroaches and den building raccoons can reduce your property value to 25%. 

Devaluation of the property is always harmful especially in case of selling. It is highly important to identify the vulnerable area where these pests are entering your property. If it seems impossible to unwelcome these guests in the name of pests then a pest control Mesa, AZ would help secure the entrance of your property and make your house inhospitable for pests. 

Pests should be taken very seriously due to the potential damage to inhabitant health and property values. It pays big dividends to hire experienced oklahoma exterminators to take care of this problem for you instead of trying to tackle it yourself. 

Here are 5 ways pests can lower your property value which are discussed below. 

1. Check The Deck 

The exterior value of your house increases with a properly installed and furnished deck. But many decks are open to wood destroying insects. Like, termites, carpenter bees, carpenter ants etc. These pests will devalue your deck’s strength and eventually your over-all property. 

Tip: Re-check your decks once a while. 

2. Run-On Chimney 

An inviting entrance into your house in your chimney. Pests like birds, raccoons, bats and squirrels find chimneys the most fascinating. They tend to build nests over it or simply enter your property from. Pests bring in numerous insects like fleas, ticks and bed bugs which are harmful. These are also the reasons behind a fire hazard. 

Tip: Keep your chimney clean and keep a check on its entrance from the roof. 

3. Broken Wires 

According to several studies, rodents are responsible for up to 25% of house fires. 

Wiring is already a critical task which makes rodents a severe headache. They keep chewing on the wires, tangling it, and makes a mess out of it which is harmful for human life. 

Tip: Place wiring where it is unreachable for pests 

4. Inspect The Foundation 

Cracks in your foundation are highly attractive to such pests. They find food, shelter and comfort while destroying yours. The holes in your foundation set a welcoming mat for different pests. Although it is a time-consuming task but to fill up the cracked holes and make sure the foundation is solid is important to control pests damaging your property. 

You may inspect: 

• Windows 
• Doors 
• Floors 
• Crack on the ceilings 
• Interior and exterior foundation 

Tip: Use cement to fill up the holes in walls 

5. Vent Entrance 

Appliances are already with hefty price tags and become more expensive even after the purchase when a pest checks out its vent for travelling. They may sneak in through the vents or tubes that can add up to your list of expenses. 

Tip: Install a damper over the vent or fill the opening around utility piping 

Final Thoughts On Pests And Property

No matter if it’s your home or office building that you own. Pests can be troubling around the property messing its value. Make sure to have a pest inspection and not risk lowering your property’s value.

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