How To Determine Your Trading Type

how to determine your trading type stock market trade style

Knowing which trading type is best for your needs and personality and using this type of trading can support your overall success as a trader. There are several different types of trading, with the most popular being day trading, swing trading, scalping, and position trading. 

Determining a strategy for day trading is paramount to increase your return on investment (ROI) and avoid losing money or wasting time. 

Here we explore what each of these types of trading looks like and how you can decide which trading method is right for you. 

Most Common Types Of Trading

The following are the four major types of trading that traders participate in. How to determine the best trading option for you starts with understanding these types of trading: 


Scalping is a fast-acting form of trading in which traders make very quick trades, often within just a few seconds or minutes of each trade. Scalping focuses on making very small profits on each trade that add up over time. This type of trading is best for active traders who are not easily distracted. 

 Swing Trading

Swing trading is a type of trading focused on making profits in a stock over a few days or weeks. Traders take trades that last anywhere from several days to several months in an attempt to make a profit on an anticipated price move in the stock market. These types of traders are exposed to overnight and weekend risk, so swing traders must have a higher appetite for risk. 

 Day Trading

Day trading is trading that is done in a single day and does not come with overnight or weekend risks. Day traders make all of their trades within minutes or hours on the same day. This type of trading is best for those who prefer to start and finish a trade within the same day and who don't want to carry overnight positions. 

• Position Trading

This type of trading is the longest form of trading and involves traders holding positions that last for months or years. Position traders must be very patient and able to ignore popular opinion when it comes to position trades. 

How To Determine Your Trading Style 

When it comes to how to determine your trading style, there are a few things to consider, including: 


Your personality plays a major role in the type of trading you'll be most successful at. More impatient people will likely enjoy faster trading like scalping and day trading. Patient individuals who can tolerate the wait would likely benefit from position trading or swing trading. 


You should also consider how much time you have available to spend trading in the stock market. Traders with ample time to trade often practice day trading or scalping, whereas traders who work a full-time job or have other responsibilities do best with position trading or swing trading. 

Risk Tolerance 

Your tolerance for risk is another major factor at play in terms of your trading style. If you have a lower appetite for risk, scalping and day trading may be good options. If you are more comfortable with larger risks, swing trading is an option to consider. 

Time To Trade

Choosing the right trading style for you is the best way to boost your trading success and increase your enjoyment of the trading process. Now log in or sign up, it's time to trade!

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