4 Best Ways To Display Content On Your Site

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You should understand how most people who read your content won't look at more than 20 percent of your article. People skim read internet articles, which is why we have to prepare for this and do our best to make it easier for them with better displayed content. Having a content management system can help your content hub to display things better. Simply put by Contentful, “a centralized content hub platform helps teams easily revise and distribute content on the fly.” 

#1: Use Images And Infographics 

As much as possible, you want to add images and infographics because of how this can help your site to engage customers. Pictures tell a thousand words, and many times, they can accomplish more than what a thousand words could have done. This can also boost your traffic because of how Google looks on images and infographics favorably. Using infographics also helps to highlight your expertise in a specific field. 

#2: How Will People Use Your Site? 

One of the best ways that you can display your content on the site is through first learning how people will use your site. After you have figured out how they will use it, you can take that and use it to display your content in more useful ways to your users. You might even ask your customers how they might use your content to figure out how to make your content hub more useful. 

#3: Show What Matters And Forget the Rest 

If you want to succeed in this business, you should understand how nothing kills your website traffic as fast as displaying content that no one cares about. Not only that, but Google tends to rank you higher in the search engines with relevant content. Know the most important ranking factor to Google? Google has said it themselves that they rank the content based on relevance, so you want to keep your content as on point as possible. You have to know what your visitors do and use that to build your content hub. 

#4: Don't Compare Apples To Oranges 

If you want to do well with displaying your content, you have to always keep your readers in mind. You will have different readers based on the types of content that you have up on your site, and you shouldn't compare apples to oranges. Arrange the content in such a way that will appeal to the apple crowd, while you will arrange the content differently in a way that appeals to the orange crowd. A content hub should be built around the users. 

For example, if you have a blog post about, "Summer Tips for a Trip to the Beach," you probably wouldn't try to sell this crowd on winter jackets because it would be irrelevant products if you did. However, if you were to tell them on beach towels, sun tanning lotion and beach balls, you could probably walk away with a nice profit. Always think of the crowd that you plan to sell to and make sure that the pitch you have is relevant. 

Displaying your content well can help you to stand out, and it will ultimately lead to a more engaged audience that sticks around to see the rest of your stuff.

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