Bespoke Signs To Increase Brand Visibility

bespoke signs increase brand visibility signage

If you want to raise awareness of your business and set it apart from the competition, bespoke signs are a great way to achieve these goals. So if your business has a physical presence in your community and you want to increase your customer base, it makes sense to use customised signage as part of your marketing strategy. Let’s look at three of the benefits that custom-made signs will offer your business. 

Bespoke Signs Help Brand Your Company 

Branding gives your business credibility, makes an impression on people and helps to build customer recognition. If you want a competitive edge in the marketplace, you can’t go wrong with custom-made signage. 

A strong brand increases customer loyalty by sending a clear message to people about your company and what it offers to customers. Just think of the IKEA signage: it’s unique, aimed at a specific target market and sends a clear message to the community. Their signage is instantly recognisable and sends a message that tells customers what IKEA stands for in the community - modern furniture, low prices and a positive customer experience. Bespoke signs can help to build your brand and send your message to the community. 

Customised Signage Attracts Attention 

When people walk or drive past your store, clinic or office, you want to grab their attention before they move on. Having personalised signs, like those produced professionally at, is key here, because first impressions matter! You want your signage to not only reflect your brand so it’s recognisable, but to also be attractive and eye-catching, so people will remember your sign. 

The more people see your bespoke signs and the more often your signs catch their eye, the more likely they will be to stop and explore. Maybe not immediately, but when they need your products or services, if your signage has grabbed their attention they will be more likely to drop by your store, clinic or office than the competition’s premises. This means that if your sign is ordinary and looks similar to everyone else’s signage, it won’t stand out and it won’t entice people to engage with your business. 

Custom Signs Offer A Positive ROI

Every business wants a positive return on their investments, whether it’s a PPC ad or Bespoke signs. So whilst customised signs can be more expensive than ordinary signage, these unique and eye catching signs will help to improve your business’s visibility, increase foot traffic and boost sales. In the end, custom signs can make a big difference to your bottom line and are well worth the initial investment. After all, many businesses who don’t bother with custom signs (because they don’t want to spend the money) can quickly go out of business because they don’t attract enough customers. 

There are lots of different types of custom-made signage you can utilise, from monument signs, large pole signs, directional signs and storefront signs. You can even add one of your bespoke signs to the shopping centre signage along the road. 

Smart Signage

If you’ve ever wondered whether custom signage is worth the investment for your business, it’s definitely a marketing strategy that’s worth exploring, sooner rather than later.

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