What Patients Like The Most About A Doctor's Office

what patients like most about doctor's office

From time to time, patients will find a doctor’s office that they like. Everyone expects a doctor’s office to be uncomfortable to visit, however, this isn’t always the reality. There are times when the Doctor and their team get things right. So what is it that they do? We’re going to take a look at this now. 

Appointments When They Need Them 

When a patient can get an appointment when they need one they are more likely to be happy. Unfortunately, this isn’t always an option. Not all Doctor's offices stay open late, but those that do often have happier patients. 

You do not need to have late appointments every evening. At least two evenings a week is preferable. Remember, not everyone works nine to five. You might even want to think about opening up one Saturday a month. This could prove to be quite popular. 

Good Communication 

We all know that good communication is key. Patients like nothing more than to be kept in the loop about things. Communication such as appointment reminder calls, updates about what’s happening in the office can help. Additionally, any potential improvements made to the service can also help. 

Receptionists That Care 

We all know what the stereotypical receptionist is like. We assume they will be unhappy and unhelpful. However, this is not always the case. When a receptionist is helpful and polite, patients feel happier. While being a receptionist is no doubt a stressful job at times, smiling and being polite can go a long way. Training your team to put the patient first can make a world of difference. 

Educational Materials 

It’s fair to say that most patients like educational materials. They appreciate having leaflets to read. They also like posters that help tell them what symptoms are associated with diabetes, for example. Educational materials not only help your patients but they can make spending time in the waiting room more bearable. Why not consider putting some televisions on the wall that show the latest news and/or health information? This will also make your patient’s visits better. 

A Clean Waiting Room 

Waiting rooms should ideally be as clean and as comfortable as possible. They should ideally be cleaned at least once a day and the trash cans should be emptied when they are almost full. A clean waiting room is a much more pleasant place to be than a dirty one. Try to keep your waiting room as clean as you can. Clean up any spillages, tidy up the stack of magazines, and keep the flooring clean too. 

You might not work in the most modern building in town, however, this should not stop you from being clean. Your patients will much prefer a cleaner waiting room to a modern but dirty waiting room. 

Most people do not like having to visit the doctor’s office. However, you can make their experience a better one. Use the above tips to improve your patient’s experience so they are more likely to return.

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