How To Win More Customers With Content Marketing

how to win more customers with content marketing

You've heard of content marketing and know it is important, but what is it? Content marketing is creating content your desired audience would like. Typically, the content is an article, but it can be a video, image, or audio content. The information you present must be valuable and educational, without directly mentioning your product or service. Examples include resource guides, studies, or how-to videos. 

Why Do I Need A Content Marketing Strategy? 

No digital marketing strategy is complete if it doesn't include content marketing. Content marketing builds trust and authority in your brand. If you are the CEO, write articles about your industry in general and showcases your knowledge. Non-promotional content leads to sales because it shows you care about your targeted audience's needs. When they are ready to buy, they will remember your brand. 

How Do I Talk To My Target Audience? 

Create a fictitious person who represents your target audience. If you want a solid online presence, start by talking about products that solve a problem, not your specific brand, but products in general. Only mention your brand at the end of the content. The authority you build will help the individual decide whether they should buy your product or service. For example, if you provide wealth management services, you could hold webinars on wills, trusts, and retirement planning. If your target client is a close to retirement individual with a high net worth, pretend you're talking to this person in a coffee shop. 

What Types Of Content Work Best? 

This depends on your industry and target audience. You can use a combination of: 

• Articles 
• Blog Posts 
• Images 
• Videos 
• E-books 
• White papers 
• Case studies 
• Infographics 
• Quizzes 

Not all content is appropriate for all industries. For example, case studies are better for generating B2B sales, while quizzes are more popular with fashion and beauty consumers. 

Where Can I Reach My Target Customer? 

You can reach your target customer by determining where they search for online content. Where they hang out will govern the content you produce. 

Search Engines - More than 90 percent of online visits start with a search engine. Post your content on your website or blog. Optimize it with keyword phrases you believe your fictitious person who represents your target audience would use to find your product. Just write naturally, not for the search engines. 

YouTube - After Google, YouTube is the largest search engine. Most people would rather watch a video to learn something than they would read an article about many topics. 

Social Media - Post your content on your social media platforms. People are most likely to share infographics, video teasers, and funny, original memes. 

Podcasts - If your target audience has very little free time, they may enjoy easy listening podcasts on their commute to work. 

The best content marketing blogs are full of other trending sites where you can post your content. 

Don't fall into the trap of believing content marketing is all about driving more traffic to your website. Your content should bring you qualified traffic attracted by the reputation you've built with your contact marketing strategy.

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