How Email Segmentation Helps Your Business Make More Money

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Are you using email marketing to promote your business? Your email marketing efforts become more effective when you implement email segmentation strategies. 

Email segmentation means you divide your email subscriber list into groups or segments based on shared characteristics. Then, you can send targeted messages that are more likely to make the recipients read the emails and take action. 

Statistics overwhelmingly show that consumers want personalized experiences with 80% of people saying that a personalized experience would increase the chances of a purchase. 

Keep reading to learn how email marketing segmentation can help your business make more money. 

Customizing the Sales Funnel 

With email segmentation, you can meet your new subscribers where they are in the sales funnel. The emails you send to a brand new subscriber shouldn't be the same as someone who's been in the funnel for a while. 

When someone first subscribes to your email list, they don't immediately want a hard sell. They want content with value, which can help you engage and build trust with those new subscribers. 

By customizing emails based on where subscribers are in the sales funnel, you can better nurture them toward making a purchase. 

Solving Specific Needs 

Even though your customers might fit a general profile, they'll have different needs and preferences. By customizing your email campaigns, you can address the specific needs and interests of your customers. 

When subscribers get content tailored to them that addresses their pain points, they're more likely to open the email and read it. Your business gains points with that email recipient since the content makes sense. 

If you send one-size-fits-all content to everyone, you'll likely lose credibility and subscribers. Consumers don't want their inboxes full of junk emails that aren't relevant. 

Adjusting Email Frequency 

Some subscribers will naturally be more engaged than others. People who open your emails and click links might be open to receiving more offers and messages. Subscribers who ignore your emails or have little engagement might get annoyed with too many emails. 

When you segment your emails, you can automatically increase or decrease how many emails someone receives based on their engagement. Sending too many emails to someone who isn't engaged could annoy them to the point of unsubscribing. You can also use that information in a campaign to help engage those subscribers again. 

Nudging Customers to Buy 

Email segmentation can nudge your customers into making a purchase without being annoying and pushy. 

One way to do that is to provide suggestions for products based on the customer's past behaviors. You can suggest similar items or things that might interest them based on their browsing or purchase history. 

Another option is to remind customers about an abandoned shopping cart. When shopping online, a customer might get distracted or want to wait until later to finish the purchase. By sending an email to remind customers of the items in their cart, you can gently encourage some of them to finish the transaction. 

Enjoy the Benefits of Email Segmentation 

Using email segmentation can make your email marketing more effective. Your customers get a customized experience that makes them more likely to buy. 

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