The Water Distillation Process Explained: This Is How It Works

water distillation process explained how distilling h2o works

The ability to provide clean, uncontaminated water on an accessible basis is probably one of the most important developments in the history of human civilization. Before we were able to reliably clean and purify our water sources, waterborne illnesses were a major concern.

One of the most common and effective means of purifying water is to distill it. Water distillation is performed on a massive scale to ensure clean, safe drinking water.

But how does the water distillation process work? What goes into it, and how safe is the process itself? Read on to find out about distilling water.

The Water Distillation Process

Water distillation is a process in which water is heated to just above its boiling point, and kept there to allow the water to fully vaporize. Once all of the water has vaporized, the water is cooled down, and condenses back to its liquid form.

Why is this a useful process in water treatment? Water has a relatively low boiling point. It boils earlier than most mineral contaminants, such as salt, dirt, and metals. Vaporizing the water separates it from these contaminants.

It also allows the water molecules to be separated from microscopic contaminants, including bacteria and viruses. This helps ensure that the water is as safe for human consumption as possible.

Typically, water distillation devices have a few parts to them. There's the boiling chamber, which usually contains some kind of coil, which the water condenses to. This coil carries the water down to a collection chamber, where the water boils and evaporates. From there the steam is collected in the final area, where it is condensed and leaves the device.

Water distillation is a fairly simple process, but it's also very important to public health. Prior to the invention of reliable water purification, waterborne illnesses were a major health problem.

Water distillation is an easy solution. The process is simple but effective and reliable. As long as the water distiller is maintained and kept clean, it will produce water that is clean and safe to drink.

Water distillers are used by city, state, and federal governments around the world to provide clean drinking water to their citizens. But the applications extend beyond that. There's a place for water distillation in your home or business.

Commercial options for water distillers are only becoming easier to come by, and more affordable as well.

Keep Your Water Safe and Clean

Clean water is an important commodity in our society, and water distillation is an excellent way to ensure that your water is up to snuff.

The water distillation process is simple to understand and reliable to use. And with commercial options becoming more common and more affordable, buying an H2O distiller is easier than ever.

So take a look and find the water distiller that's right for you. Hook it up today, and see the clean water results for yourself.

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