5 Things To Do If Involved In A Leased Car Accident

what to do if lease car accident crash rental cars

When you live in Nevada, there are certain laws that will always apply. One of these is the way in which the state handles car accidents, and leased car accidents in particular. We here at Naqvi Injury Law put together a list of the five things you ought to do if you are involved in a leased car accident, so keep reading and stay protected, no matter what you are driving. 

What 5 Things Should I Know If I Get Into A Leased Car Accident? 

Before you rent that vehicle and get behind the wheel, here is what you should know in Nevada in the event of an accident while driving said leased car. 

1. Insurance Is Not Optional 

Every single state in the USA has its own requirements for the minimum insurance needed before you can legally and safely drive. Some states accept bonds to a certain value instead, but even then, insurance errs on the side of caution. To legally drive in Nevada you must be covered for $25,000 for one death or bodily injury, $50k for two, and at least twenty thousand for the damage to property that might be caused. You can view the specific requirements of vehicle insurance coverage on the DMV website. 

If you are involved in an accident, be sure to get the names of all insurers involved so you can easily contact them for future reference. 

2. Exchange Details 

Even if you don’t have the information to hand, the people who leased the car to you will have the vehicle registration documents and any other forms you need. 

Of course, you are responsible for insurance documentation and you may wish to switch phone numbers with the other people at the scene to contact them later with the details. 

3. If You Are Too Shaken Up, Report Details Later 

Really, you ought to report any incidents on the road to the state police. If this isn’t possible, then be sure to report it at a later date. If you are feeling shaken because you have had a bust up in the car, then you really shouldn’t drive. Get yourself to a hospital as soon as you can for a check over to ensure nothing else is wrong. 

Just like going to the police, you really ought to go for a check-up if you are in an accident, leased car or not. This ensures that there is a medical record of treatment, in case any bodily injury claims come up. 

4. Contact Your Car Rental Firm 

You should also let the people who you leased the car from know that you have been in an accident. There is a chance that they will be contacted for details since they are the registered owners of the vehicle. 

If they don’t know anything about it, they might be a little angry! Besides anything else, you may be entitled to a courtesy car until your leased vehicle is back on the road. 

5. Find A Lawyer Fast

An attorney that specializes in accidents is the best tool you can arm yourself with in the event of an accident in a leased car. 

They can talk you through the lawful processes you might need to pursue, and can defend you, should the lease vehicle accident have been your fault. 

Car Crash Conclusion

Car crashes are very serious and you need to take the right steps to recover from one physically and financially. 

Follow these five steps and you are sure to come out the other side of a leased car accident all the better off!

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