5 Religious Items That You Can Sell In Israel

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Israel, one of the oldest countries on this planet, is a land of divines. A nation that is considered holy by Christians, Muslims, and Jews is revered as the sacred site that belongs to God. For people of these 3 religions, Israel is the part of their faith in spirituality and divine existence. So, they don’t even leave the slightest opportunity to visit the religious abode of God present here in the form of temples and holy shrines. 

Apart from the historical holy places, religious items hold significant value in connecting the ordinary to the heavenly one. And, people have an unwavering faith associated with them to experience the celestial attention. 

If you’re an entrepreneur who is fanatically looking for lucrative items to sell, there could be no better way to make it big than these religious items. The fact that these religious items are demanded by followers of these faiths makes this market segment extremely profitable. So, we have brought together five most religious articles that you can sell in Israel and eventually develop a profitable venture. Take a look at these top-selling religious items to sell in Israel! 

1. Chanukah Lamp 

Chanukah, popularly known as Hanukkah Menorah is a nine-branched candelabrum. The Chanukah lamp is used to light up candles during the 8 day holiday of Hanukkah. Since ancient times it is used as a symbol of connection with divine existence in many religious ceremonies. Still, these lamps are heavily demanded all year round. So, you can make good revenue selling these lamps both online and at the physical location. 

2. Dreidel 

Dreidel is also connected with Israel as an integral part of the Jewish religion. Jewish dreidel is used during the holiday of Hanukkahs as a game. These Dreidels are four- sided spinning top used as a decoy in old times to distract Jewish people from Torah learning. Nowadays, this dreidel is used much like a game and has a valuable market in Israel. 

3. Kiddush Cups 

While most people do not recognize Kiddush cups. For Jewish people, Kiddush cups are inherently vital to perform religious prayer during the Shabbats. These cups are often used to offer a sacred offering to God and to drink wine. These cups are a great product that could finally drive more profits to your business. 

4. Mezuzahs 

If you are looking for something small in size, Mezuzah's scroll would fit your low-budget big-profit philosophy. Mezuzahs are scrolls of parchment inscribed with holy words of Shema. These scrolls are hanged on doorsteps and several other places. And, these are often demanded by people during Jewish holidays. 

5. Attendees 

Shtenders are wooden platforms designed to place religious books and records. It helps easy reading of the holy text from the scriptures. It is often used to improve eye connection during public gatherings and addresses. It is quite helpful in encouraging easy reciting of verses. So, they make up for a superb item sold in the holy place of Israel.

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