Feeling Stressed? Here Are Some Apps That Can Help

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People around the world are feeling increased stress and anxiety due to the fallout from COVID-19. If you haven’t lost your job or contracted it yourself, you may know someone who has, and even the risk of these things may weigh on your mind. 

While it’s essential to keep calm and remember to take all the safety precautions advised by medical experts, it’s also OK to admit that these are stressful times. Thankfully, mobile apps can melt some stress away. 


The mobile app MoodMission helps people feeling stressed or anxious by giving them suitable “missions” based on how the user is feeling. After filling out a survey that ascertains your base level of emotions and general well-being, it will assign you an activity to improve your mood or develop skills. 

These “missions” cover the mind and body, ranging from breathing exercises, sewing, push-ups, or reframing negative emotions. 


Sanvello provides users with clinically validated tools rooted in cognitive behavioural therapy for coping with stress, anxiety and depression. It teaches mindfulness skills and prompts you to track your mood over time. 

Then, it asks simple questions about how you feel, which lets you probe your emotions and better understand your mood patterns. There’s a free version of the mobile app in Google Play and the App Store, and a premium version which grants full access to all digital self-care content like Guided Journeys, tools and meditations.

Develop Your Own Mobile App

Sometimes the best way to improve your mood is to take matters in your own hands and create what you feel the market lacks. Do you have a concept for a native mobile app? You don’t need to build an app designed to improve other people’s mental health to better your own. 

Perhaps you’ve been mulling over an idea for an app for months, or the changing job market has you considering starting your own digital business. Whatever the case, there are app development agencies that help create mobile applications for startups & companies that are happy to connect with an entrepreneurially-minded person with a great concept. 

They’ll work with you through ideation to launch, so your vision will be executed faithfully in every stage of the process. You won’t have to be an expert coder or proficient in UX or UI design to make your app a reality. 

Look for a company that selects their projects carefully — you want a partner to work closely with you, not an entity trying to rush your app to the market. To this end, the best partners have a smaller crew of hand-picked staff that are easy to get on the phone. 

Nobody can predict what things will look like in a year from now, so it’s wise to take a proactive approach to control your mental health as much as possible. Try the wellness apps on the market if there’s one that speaks to you. If there isn’t, partner with an application development agency to create the app you feel the world needs.

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