How To Rank Higher On Google Maps: 4 Do’s And 3 Don’ts

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If you own a small to medium business and are being outshone by the larger competition – you need marketing help with a difference. LENS for Google Maps SEO, for example, can optimise your pages to rank higher in search results for local listings. By bringing you better exposure, the LENS team can bring you better traffic… and we all know more traffic means more sales, just like it does in the offline world. 

So how do you rank higher On Google Maps in search results? Let’s find out. 

The Do’s And Don’ts Of Ranking Higher 

To make things easier we will split this straight down the middle. We will start with what you should do to rank higher on Google Maps, and move on to the things you should avoid, a little later. 

The Do’s of Higher Google Map Rankings 

The four do’s are: 

1 – Use All Of Your Best Images 

Adding pictures to your listing will seriously increase your ranking results. If your property has pictures, people will recognise your business more easily and it will rank higher in the listings as a result. 

2 – Stay Up-To-Date 

The more up-to-date information your site has, the easier it will be for Google Maps to detect. This means putting in accurate opening hours, including a phone number with the address, and including a full and accurate business description. 

3 – Use Keywords 

Just as you need to pepper your pages with keywords associated with your business, so too should you pepper your description of services on Google Maps. When you add your business to Google My Business, make sure you hire a firm that specialises in SEO to give yourself the best chance at an accurate, keyword-infused description. 

4 – Connect With All Google Services 

The more of the Google products, services or apps you have and use, the easier it will be to see you. This means using all Gmail email addresses, using Google Reviews, and any other things you can think of to interact with their service. 

The Don’ts Of Increased Google Maps Rank 

The three don’ts are: 

1 – Get The Wrong Category 

If your business is listed in with the dog grooming businesses but you are a hairdresser, then you are unlikely to ever get clients through Google Maps. Instead, check your categories are correct and add as much to them as you can. 

2 – Assume Your Webpage Is Great 

Did you have anybody user test your website, or did you just assume that it worked well before you listed it with google My Business? A slow site that doesn’t work correctly puts buyers off more than a bad product or service will. 

3 – Ignore SEO 

Just because you are talking about a Maps listing instead of a search engine result, doesn’t mean that keywords don’t count. Optimisation needs to be utilised to its full potential, at all times. This comes under staying up-to-date but is important enough to mention twice… 

Calling In The Professionals 

If you have read through our do’s and don’ts and you are still a little confused – don’t panic. You might find it easier, however, to call in the professionals. You will find that 3PRIME Web Solutions are a fantastic consultancy for online solutions that will raise your ranking, regardless of position. There’s no shame in admitting defeat, but when it comes to business? You shouldn’t have to.

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