How To Drive Traffic To Your Ecommerce Store By Providing Deals & Coupons

how to boost ecommerce store traffic deals coupon codes promos

Every marketer has this dilemma, whether to provide a discount in the form of coupons or just decrease the price of the product in order to increase the sales. 

While the latter is less time consuming, the former can yield better results when it comes to maintaining the profit margin and increasing sales at the same time. 

Despite increasing your conversion rate, offering promo codes can also be beneficial for SEO purposes. 

Research shows that more than 15 million people search for promo codes related queries which creates an untapped audience to attract towards your online store. 

Your first purpose can’t specifically be increasing conversions but to land customers on your homepage which can then be directed towards your product sale page. 

In this post, we will be guiding you on how you can increase your ecommerce store sales by providing deals and coupons of various forms depending on the type of products and marketing strategy. 

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Free Shipping Offers 

Marketers wonder how to promote the sale of products kept in customer’s shopping baskets. Providing free shipping on those products can be the answer to convert those untouched products in the customer's shopping cart. 

You can always provide free shipping offers on minimum purchase to maintain your profit margins. 

For Example- Free shipping offer on purchase of $100 or more 

Price Off Discounts 

These types of coupons can be used on either single products or an entire array of products. Price offers can be a flat discount or discount up to price value on the minimum shopping cart amount. 

For example: Flat $50 off on purchase of more than $300 or Up to $50 off on purchase of more than $100. 

Percentage Based Discounts 

These types of discount offers are often given on a whole array of products and again these can also be given on flat or up to basis. 6th Street fashion store uses this discount form to boost sales of their women fashion clothing line in the form of Namshi coupon code of up to 50% off. 

Giveaway Offers 

If your goals are to bring customers through social media websites, giveaway offers can be your best bet when it comes to increasing conversion rate through social media platforms. 

These kinds of discounts can be used for uncleared inventory of products while keeping your profit margin safe and avoiding any major losses. 

Time Based Promo Codes 

Marketers can offer discounts only for a limited period of time to boost product sales for specific categories. 

For example: Up to 40% discount on Fashion until Midnight 

Signup Or Referral Discount Offers 

Discounts can be given to customers who sign up for your weekly website newsletter by providing their email and contact details. 

Referral coupon codes can also be provided to introduce brand value and promote newly launched ecommerce stores. 

For example: refer to 3 or more friends and earn flat $25 cashback in your e-wallet 

Key Takeaways 

In order to increase your store click through rate, offering promo codes and discount offers which can go a long way in your marketing strategy. 

Customers looking for specific product coupons can end up on your website and if you make an irresistible discount offer, you can easily end up in increasing sales drastically. 

Offering promo codes and presenting them on your homepage is definitely a white hat way to increase your website SEO value while increasing your website CTR. 

In the post, we have summarised all kinds of major discount offers an ecommerce store can provide to give a boost to their online sales number. 

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