6 Ways To Brighten Up Your Living Room

ways to brighten up your living room bright home decor

Are you looking for different wall decoration ideas for your home? Your wall is just as crucial as any furniture in a room. That is why you also need to decorate it to lighten up your house

From simple wall décor, minimalist art gallery, elegant painting, rustic frame, to family name signs, the options are limitless. 

Wall Decoration Ideas To Refresh Your Living Room 

Living rooms come in different sizes. That is why there are several ideas that you can try for a living room wall décor. Keep in mind that small living rooms have fewer options than larger ones. 

1. Floating Shelving 

For instance, conventional shelving is not a good option because they consume more space and make the area look more cramped. 

You can try floating shelving as an alternative. Floating shelving uses less space. It is also functional, as the conventional shelving. Floating shelving provides an air of openness in the room, making the area feel and look larger. 

2. Rustic And Natural 

You can also use Rustic and natural wall decorations. The rustic elements provide a warm environment while the natural elements give off a fresh vibe. 

Using rustic and natural wall decorations are worth considering if you want warmth and freshness in your living room. 

3. Planked Walls 

Indeed, there are several options that you can try for your living room wall. You can use any wall décor that is delicate and complex. 

You can also use a simple wall décor with only three elements. Despite being simple, it can make your living room warmer and friendly, which suits the purpose of the room as a place of family bonding. 

4. Simple Gallery 

If you are a fan of art, you can make a gallery of your own in your living room. Rather than keeping your wall empty, you can hang some of your favorite paintings on it. 

Paintings are excellent additions to any room, including the living room. You only need to make the paintings as noticeable as possible. 

You can arrange the painting in a 3x3 format, placed just above a wooden cupboard. It keeps your pictures organized and noticeable. 

5. White Walls In The Living Room 

You can also have a minimalist living room. While other decorations can fill up and constrict the space, minimalist decorations make your living room more open and less constricting. 

If you want to create a minimalist living room, you can try adding paintings or photographs with a dark-colored frame on a wall. In this way, you can make a stylish statement while keeping things down to minimal. 

6. Rustic Picture Frames 

You can also make your living room more extraordinary by using rustic picture frames. Frames are commonly used in the living room. However, frames within a frame are uncommon. 

If you want to make a more personalized statement, you can add your favorite photos or paintings in the frames. Rustic picture frames will really liven up your living room wall décor with personality while remaining classy.

Final Words On Livening Up Your Living Room

These are some of the ways on how you can freshen up the look of your living room. The living room is where you accept your visitors and where the family spends some quality time. The living room of your home is a place that must give off a welcoming and warm ambiance. You can also look for more decor ideas at Hardie Boys.

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