5 Tips To Manage Properties Remotely

A single family property

Long-distance relationships are never easy. They require a little extra effort, and a lot of efficient planning for them to work and property management is no different. Though it is a very hands-on job in its essence, one cannot and should not risk their safety and that of others in these trying times. In this article, we mention 5 tips to manage properties remotely to keep your properties rented out at capacity. 

Switch To Digital Payments 

Let’s start with the most effortless transition. Instead of collecting the monthly rent in person, switch to digital payments. Online banking is a blessing, especially amid the pandemic. It allows you to avoid unnecessary visits, and that is the need of the hour.

Various platforms in the market, like ClickPay and PayYourRent allow you to make and receive transactions. Many of these platforms accept multiple forms of payments via debit cards, credit cards, and direct bank transfers. As long as the platform of your choice has quick processing time, you should not face any problems at all. 

Set-Up A Communication Portal 

Maintaining social distance doesn’t mean you cut off all communication. You should set up a portal with all the tenants for effective communication. A single communication platform can help disseminate essential notices and announcements smoothly. 

Amid the pandemic, all property managers must have an emergency evacuation plan for someone who develops COVID19 as well as an updated cleanliness regime that they can communicate through the portal. 

Virtual Tours 

Switching to digital communication is the ideal solution to keep the property management business running. You will have to find new tenants and conduct inspections and give tours even during the lockdown as life goes on. 

However, you can ensure you perform all your tasks safely at a distance. If you have a property to show, do it but virtually. You can either pre-record a tour of the house or give a live tour to potential tenants. 

Install Home Security Systems 

Home security systems are more advanced then you may think. We aren’t just talking about CCTV cameras. We are talking about carbon monoxide detectors with alerts and the like. Now is the time to make use of technology to stay on top of maintenance tasks without having to male regular in-person trips. Home security systems such as smart door and window locks prevent break-ins and protect not only vacant properties but also guarantee the safety of the residents. With these convenient safety features, property managers don’t have to check up on properties, eliminating unnecessary contact regularly. 

Stick To A Few Select Service Providers 

Remote property management is all about finding people you can trust. You cannot ignore the possibility of dealing with emergency maintenance tasks like water or gas leakage. To tackle those, you must find local service providers you can trust. 

Ensure you double-check their COVID19 safety protocol to ensure it is up to standard before you employ their services. You must also send the tenants a proper safety guideline to ensure the workers are restricted to the work area alone. You can also provide them the proper disinfecting routine to ensure maximum safety.

This concludes the end of our article listing down tips to manage properties remotely. All it takes is a little extra preparedness and effective use of digital technology to ensure you can carry out all management tasks from a safe distance.

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